Upon reading the following quote, I find myself relating it to the issue of weight loss and overweight because of the fact that being overweight and having an unhealthy relationship with food can cause much pain in one’s life. No matter how bad things may be though, there is always hope for health and healing when we take the steps down that path.

There is always hope and it can be done; it does however, take courage and action. Change won’t occur all at once, but day-by-day we can begin to break free from overeating, emotional eating, and/or food addiction. Additionally, it is possible (I am doing this myself) to break free from processed and fast foods (which normally contain those addictive ingredients), and eradicate them from our lives. We only need to take action, once we have committed in our mind to do so.

I obtained this quote through one of my Daily Guru emails back in 2005. At that time the Daily Guru was called “Higher Awareness“.

“There’s Hope!”

“No matter how painful our early experiences were, our Essence cannot
be harmed. Our Essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself.
In a very true sense, we are waiting for the opportunity to become
ourselves. Our spirit is yearning to break free, to express itself …

“And yet, ironically, we always fear and resist opening to that which
is most real in us. When we trust in the process and give ourselves
over to it, however, our true nature comes forth. The result is real
integrity, love, authenticity, creativity, understanding, guidance, joy,
power, and serenity—all of the qualities we are forever demanding that
personality supply.”

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— Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Daily Motivation – There Is Always Hope