Lime Radio is another online source (earlier I mentioned Hay House Radio) of excellent positive, motivational, and inspirational radio that you can tune into.

They have a full list of wonderful shows to choose from, including The Herbal Pharmacist and The Deborah Ray Show. These are two shows that I have been listening to on A.M. radio for years, since they always have interesting information about supplements, health, the (institutionalized) health care industry, alternative medicine, and so much more.

I would recommend checking out the “Healthy Living with a Twist” that is available for a listen on Lime Radio. It can help you greatly with your motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle because you will hear people talking about the benefits of it. You may not like all of the shows (I have my favorites, Dr. Andrew Weil is another excellent one), but you are bound to find something that sparks your enthusiasm. And, just like Hay House Radio, it is free to listen to online. Enjoy!

Daily Motivation: Healthy Living with a Twist