When we are working towards a leaner, fitter body, we look for feedback of our progress by weighing ourselves, measuring, looking in the mirror, noting how the fit of our clothing changes, and listening to compliments from friends, family, and co-workers. We are inspired to continue with our diet and exercise plan because we are getting results.

Visual progress and the receipt of positive feedback can be extremely motivating. Another way to receive feedback is through pictures. When you initially embark on your journey to better health, take some pictures of yourself from several angles. Note the date, your weight and measurements. Mark your calendar six to eight weeks from your start date and take more pictures, wearing the same clothing (it helps to wear workout gear so that the changes in your body are clearer to you).

This is a very powerful form of feedback since we often cannot see how large the changes are by looking in the mirror each day. Continue to take new pictures every six to eight weeks until you reach your goal weight. This form of feedback will give you pride in your accomplishment and motivation to continue during your time of weight loss.

I was inspired to write on this topic because of the positive feedback I received after submitting one of my posts to a blog carnival titled “Carnival of Powerful Living”. My post Do You Deserve To Be Thin? was featured in the carnival and I was given very positive feedback from Erek, the carnival host.

I took this feedback to heart as my blog is new and I have been interested in knowing how my writing is coming across. I invite you to check out his blog, as well as his post regarding hitting a plateau during weight loss titled “Slimming and Slogging“. This is a motivational post in a Q & A format that covers how to approach a plateau by looking at it as a new game that requires a new strategy. Additionally, the point is stressed that it is important to avoid making your level of personal happiness dependent on weight loss.

Daily Motivation: Feedback Inspires