Each moment presents a fresh opportunity for us to create new, healthy habits. On the flip side, I’ve noticed in the past that if I slipped back into my old ways of eating for one evening, and then immediately went back to eating healthy, that I was able to stay on track (as long as I avoided perfectionist thinking). If however, I ate unhealthy one night, came home from work the next night and did the same, I was beginning to build an unwanted habit. If I did this three days in a row, I succeeded in quickly creating a new habit. Once done, I had a very difficult time getting back on the healthy track.

We can build healthy eating habits the same way, through repetition each day. At first it may be difficult, however each day you make a deposit in your bank of health and move one step closer to creating a new habit. The first three days are usually the toughest, however once you get past them, you are well on your way towards ingraining new patterns in your daily life.

The ultimate joy is when the new habit turns into an old habit and becomes a part of your life; you will not even need to think about it anymore. You will feel wonderful about eating well and taking care of your body. It will be so much easier because of all of the benefits you will be receiving daily, such as increased energy, weight loss, and increased self-esteem for following through.

You Are What You Repeatedly Do
©2006 Max Steingart

First you make your habits, and then your habits make you.
You become a slave to your constantly repeated acts.
What at first you choose, at last compels.

Your habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters.

Your thoughts lead you on to a purpose,
your purposes go forth in action.

Your actions form your habits.
Your habits determine your character,
and your character fixes your destiny.

Once in motion, a pattern stays in motion.