Have you committed to yourself that you will lose weight and at the same time, you have many doubts that you will ever succeed? Do you want to achieve your goal weight and keep it off, however you don’t actually believe that you can ever do it?

If you are taking action to lose weight and get fit, you can achieve some success even if you do not believe you will succeed, but how far will you get without that belief? It is more than likely that you will end up going back to old eating and exercise habits sooner or later, since your thoughts do not match your actions; you do not truly believe that you can succeed.

When you change your thoughts and expect success, you will be so much closer to your goal than you could ever get by physical action alone. If you want to succeed, why not line up all possible advantages (both your thoughts and your physical plan) in your corner? Believe that you can succeed and make this your daily mantra: “I Can Do It, I Can Lose Weight and Keep It Off!” Begin with a thought as simple as that, and repeat it often. It would help immensely to write it down at least 10 times a day as well.

This is an action that must be repeated daily, in order to achieve the maximum benefit of retraining/rewriting your thoughts and beliefs. See my affirmations category if you would like more information on how to use affirmations to lose weight. When you combine affirmations with a healthy plan for weight loss and fitness, you are bound to succeed in reaching your goal.

When you believe it, you can achieve it.

Success Is A Matter Of Expectation
©2006 by Max Steingart

You must first expect to succeed if you want to succeed.
When you expect good things to happen,
strangely enough, they will happen.
Expectation energizes your goals and gives them momentum.

Your life will always respond to your outlook, so set your goals high.
The dreams you choose to believe in will come to be.

You can’t expect to succeed beyond your wildest expectations
unless you begin with some pretty wild expectations.

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