How many people want to look their best, be in their best health, and have a high level of energy? I’d dare say that the percentage is quite high, wouldn’t you? The difference between those who achieve this and those who don’t is action. One of the actions that are taken is “giving up” those fabulous foods that we love oh so much.

I have come to accept that my body will to hold on to foods filled with refined sugar and flour, chemicals, preservatives, and excess, “bad” fats (there are healthy fats, I’m referring to the saturated and trans fats in processed foods). In fact, my body holds on very quickly, resulting in quick weight gain. The other side of the issue is that when I eat those processed foods, it’s never enough; I always want more and more and more.

I used to think that I was not like everyone else who can eat processed and fast foods and not gain weight, however now I think that this is a skewed belief. In only the past twenty to thirty years, since the fast and processed food industries have become a staple in our daily diet, the population has ballooned up at alarming rates. The obesity epidemic is not only in America (although we currently hold first place), and it is spreading around the world; just follow the trail of processed and fast foods…

Above I mentioned that we must “give up those fabulous foods”. Is this truly a high price to pay for weight loss and better health? I know that at first it may seem so, because processed, sugared, food does taste great. However, I can honestly tell you from my own experience, that the further you get away from them, the less appealing they are (and yes, whole foods do taste superb 🙂 ). We all know that they aren’t nutritious, and it does take an effort to “get off” them, but believe me, it can be done, I am doing it now. I consider this a low price to pay for better health, a high level of energy, and weight loss.

The Highway To Success Is A Toll Road
©2006 by Max Steingart

You must give up something to get whatever you want in life.
The greater the value, the greater the sacrifice that will be required.
Everything has a price.

You pay a price if you want to make things better,
and you pay a price for just leaving things as they are.

Nothing worthwhile will come easily to you.
Work, continuous work and hard work,
is the only way to accomplish the results that last.

You’ll find no success at bargain basement prices.