Can you close your eyes and see yourself fit, trim, healthy, and full of life? Can you see yourself living the kind of life you want to live in your slim, healthy body? Can you imagine yourself doing all of the physical activities that you want to do in your active, fit body?

If you can see this, you can achieve it. The more often that you focus on these images in your mind, the more motivated you will be to transform your body and your health. If instead, you constantly imagine yourself as you are now, overweight with low energy, living a lifestyle of overeating, binging, and little exercise (substitute whichever negatives you think of yourself), you will continue to create the same result in your life.

Try this today, and see yourself thin, fit, and trim. See yourself enjoying healthy eating and exercise. Imagine yourself preferring water as your #1 beverage, and feeling great about treating yourself with the respect that you deserve. See yourself taking care of yourself, and loving your strong, healthy body.

I have just done this myself, and I feel motivated beyond belief. I am feeling energized and enthusiastic about my goals and life. If you can get your creative imagination flowing and use those powers to visualize what you want in your life, and then feel the positive emotions around your visualization, your motivation will easily rise.

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