This post is part three of a 5 part series on uncovering doubts you might be holding regarding your overall weight loss plan. These doubts can sabotage your weight loss efforts, and unless you are 100% committed and doubt-free, you might have a hard time maintaining your motivation towards your weight loss goals.

Today’s focus is on doubts you could have about the eating portion of your weight loss plan. Are you following a diet that you’re not quite sure of? It could be an obscure diet, or perhaps well known, but does it truly “work”? Do you have doubts as to just how healthy it is for your body?

I think it is very important that you are confident in the diet or weight loss plan that you are following. Hopefully you have done your research and have found a plan that will not only help you shed excess pounds, but most importantly, is healthy for you. There are all kinds of ways to lose weight, but if it jeopardizes your health, it just isn’t worth it.

If you have doubts that the diet you’ll be following can help you lose weight, this can shatter your motivation to stick to it. If you’re thinking that the way you are eating isn’t going to make any difference, then we are again back to your thoughts, and those types of thoughts are the ones that can easily sabotage you. How easy will it be to eat that box of sweets if you’re holding the thought, “this diet won’t work anyway”?

I’ve found that the best way to gain confidence in a new way of eating is through research. Now, it is true that I am biased towards the Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond 😉 . Even though I am currently learning and researching other weight loss plans so that I can write about them here at Fearless Fat Loss, so far the best one I’ve ever seen (and personally experienced!) is the 6WBMO.

It is very healthy, and I have read of numerous individuals who have taken the plan to their doctor and received two thumbs up on it. Talk about a confidence boost! As it is though, it’s always recommended that you have your doctor approve any diet or exercise plan before you start it. 😉

When you get your head wrapped around the diet you are following and are 100% confident of it’s ability to help you shed the pounds, while keeping your healthy, you shouldn’t be coming up against negative doubts and thoughts that can lead to self-sabotaging behavior.

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