I often write about the power of your thoughts, and how to use affirmations to turn your thoughts around. The level of your thoughts, whether positive or negative, will directly affect your level of motivation, which will therefore affect your weight loss. In my experience, when I have sunk into negative funks, I was not motivated to eat healthy or work out.

While I have experienced forcing myself to eat healthy and exercise, this only boosted my motivation a little bit. I’ve had the most success with beginning with my thoughts first. When I turn my thoughts to “I can do this, I can lose weight, I love to take care of my health, I enjoy working out”, then my motivation always rises and there is no need to force myself to do anything.

I found an article for you to read that is about a woman who was having all sorts of difficulties in her life, however when she changed her thinking, she changed her life. While the article doesn’t use the term “affirmations”, the woman who changed her thoughts did so by consciously applying three affirmations over and over again:

1. My Parents Loved Me!

2. My husband Loves Me And I Love Him!

3. I Am Committed to Taking Care of Me!

These affirmations apply directly to her personal experience while yours would probably be different. By using these affirmations, she began losing weight, started a regular exercise program, and turned other self-destructive behaviors around.

Her affirmations cut to the heart of the reasons she had been indulging in negative behaviors previously. If you use the opposite, negative form of these affirmations, then you can see how she was thinking when she was having so many struggles in her life.

I encourage you to read the full details of the original post, written by Dr. Hal. It’s a great example of how you can truly turn your life around when you consciously change your thoughts, not to mention the motivation you will gain. Enjoy!