We become like that on which our hearts are fixed. ~ Elbert Hubbard

What desires do you hold in your heart? Do you truly desire to increase your health, lose weight, and get fit?

In a past article I wrote about how, in my opinion, merely feeling like you should lose weight or half-heartedly attempting weight loss won’t give you the lasting endurance that is needed to accomplish this goal.

Losing weight isn’t an easy task because your overweight was caused by so many emotions and thoughts tied up with food, eating, isolating, food abuse, and possibly food addiction. There is an entire lifestyle change that is needed in order to have lasting success in weight maintenance, which is why short-term diets don’t work.

In order for you to make it through this process, your motivation must remain steady. While things might not go perfectly and you will have your ups and downs, if you lose all of your desire (and therefore your motivation!), caving in to old habits and thoughts, it can be so easy to just stay there and wallow in defeat (I’ve been there). However, if your desire is strong then your motivation will be also, and you should find that if you do slip up along the way that you do not stay in that space, but instead get right back on track.

The main component of your motivation to get healthy and fit is your desire to do so. If you have a strong desire to obtain a healthy, fit body, your best body, you will do it. You will be relentless in the pursuit of your goal, and the depth of your desire will correlate directly to your motivation to succeed.