Your physical body in every moment is a vivid reflection of the balance of vibration within you- it’s all about the way you feel. ~ Abraham-Hicks

The more often you can keep yourself in a space of feeling good, the easier it is to attract the “good stuff” into your life. The same goes for weight loss: I believe that the better you feel, about yourself and your daily life, the easier it is to treat yourself like your own best friend, feeding yourself healthy foods and engaging in regular exercise.

There are several ways that I have found that work for me to keep my vibration up, and when I focus on maintaining positive thoughts, motivation comes naturally. As part of helping to promote a new social site, High Vibe It (more on that after my list), I have 5 ways to tell you about that I’ve been using to keep my energy up, which has a direct effect on whether or not I choose healthy actions. The better I feel, hence the higher my vibration, the more motivated, positive, and alive I feel, and the better I treat myself. Some ways that I keep my vibration up and stay on the healthy track are:

1. Listen to Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. These tapes are wonderful, and they’ve really been helping me to keep my thoughts focused on the positive, rather than the negative.

2. Exercise. When I exercise, either paced walking or strength training, I invariably have a more positive frame of mind once I am done. I feel a sense of accomplishment, but what had a greater effect are the endorphins that are released into my system by exercising. I don’t always want to do it, but once I do, I feel great afterwards.

3. Listen to one of my Louise L. Hay affirmations CDs. I own several of Louise L. Hay’s CDs that incorporate music and positive affirmations. Some of the tracks are subliminal, and others are not. It’s very hard to not feel great after listening to her CDs or tapes. Some of my favorites are: Atmospheres & Affirmations, I Can Do It, and Feeling Fine Affirmations.

4. Listen to Hay House Radio online. There is large amount of programming available in the Hay House Radio archives if I don’t like what they are playing live at any time, and I like how they list their selections by show. I can go directly to a show and listen to all of the archived shows. One of my favorites is “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks (they also have a book by the same name that I highly recommend).

5. Eat Clean! When I am eating clean, i.e.: food that doesn’t contain sugar, additives, it’s not processed (or very minimally processed, like regular oatmeal), and it’s definitely not fast food, then my vibration is higher than ever. When I’m eating clean, my thoughts are clearer and focused, and my physical energy is high. When I’m feeling great physically, it’s much easier to keep my thoughts and my vibration high.

These are just 5 of the ways that I raise my vibration. I also make a point to get off of the computer once in awhile because if I stay on too long, my energy gets rather muddled.

Above, I briefly mentioned High Vibe It, which is a new social book marking site, a source of motivational, positive thinking, consciousness-raising articles. It’s a great place to go when you’re looking for a boost. It was started by Roger Oney and is similar to Digg except that you would “High Vibe” an article that resonates with positivity, creative thinking, self-improvement, health and wellness, whereas Digg tends to lean towards technically based articles (except they do have a health & science category).

High Vibe It is along the same lines as many of the posts I’ve written here at Fearless Fat Loss that are geared towards changing your thoughts to change your reality, and this case, we are focusing on how your thoughts affect your weight (and your health). Some examples are: discovering your negative thoughts and beliefs and changing them to positive thoughts, as well as using affirmations to change your thoughts in order to lose weight.

I keep coming back to the importance of your thoughts and your emotions because when you turn to food for the purpose of trying to make yourself feel better, it backfires on you; you end up overweight and unhappy. You’re unhappy about overeating, gaining weight, not feeling good in your body, not looking good in your clothes, and all of this affects your self-confidence. When you don’t feel good about yourself, it is reflected in all areas of your life.

If you can keep your mind focused on the positive, on uplifting, inspiring thoughts, you’ll be motivated to take care of yourself and your health. An excellent way to do this is by reading positive, motivational material every day, but if you don’t find anything that does it for you one day, then do something else that raises your vibration (exercise is always a great choice). The goal is to feel good because the better you feel about you, the less likely you’ll be reaching out for food to change your feelings. 😉

I was tagged to help promote High Vibe It by Lola in her post that she wrote about how she raises her vibration. Below are 5 positive thought articles that I High Vibed to help spread the word about High Vibe It. They are articles that resonated with me and inspired me. They don’t have to do with weight loss however they are all inspiring, and the last one is especially thought provoking. I hope that you find them just as inspiring as I did:

If you would like to participate and help promote High Vibe It, you can find the full rules here at Optimist Lab. I hope you enjoy High Vibe It, I really think it’s a great idea and a wonderful way to bring many positive, consciousness raising posts together in one spot.