9 Signs You Do Not Need Permanent Weight Loss CoachingAccording to the CDC, as of January 2012 more than one-third of adults are obese, and these statistics are already out of date!

Obesity goes beyond overweight. You can be overweight and very unhappy with your body and your emotional eating, compulsive eating, and binge eating, and not be obese (yet).

It’s also possible that you are like several of my clients in The Inner Self Diet who to all appearances, you would never say they were overweight.

But your struggles with food and weight are 90% a Mindset challenge and only 10% a diet and exercise challenge, which is why they hired me as their coach to help them transform their mindset, so that they could release those last couple of physical pounds from their body. Either way, whether you are 100 pounds plus overweight like some of my clients, or you are 10 pounds or less overweight like some of my clients, or you’re in-between (yes, also like my clients!), it’s still 90% a mindset challenge. Your mindset today is either making weight loss extremely difficult for you, or it’s a snap!

Let’s face it: Weight loss in and of itself is Very Easy: Eat healthy foods which are mainly unprocessed, drink plenty of water, exercise 5-7 days per week (cardio and strength training), eat ONLY when physically hungry. Simple!

But then why is it that so few can do this? And why is it that 95% of dieters fail? This means that 95% of dieters never achieve permanent weight loss, and if you’ve ever wondered why this numer is so high, it’s because they continue to attack what is only 10% of the problem: food and exercise.

Mindset is 90% of the challenge of achieving permanent weight loss. It’s your mindset that either makes the 10% (diet and exercise) very very difficult, or it makes it extremely easy, if you have a weight loss mindset.

9 Signs You Do Not Need a Permanent Weight Loss Coach

In a recent post I gave you 15 Reasons to Hire a Permanent Weight Loss Coach. But what about signs that you don’t need to hire a permanent weight loss coach?

Could you be one of those who is naturally slender? Could you be one of those folks who has no need for the services of a highly skilled master coach and mentor whose clients consistently achieve struggle-free permanent success with their weight?

Could you be someone who just cannot comprehend what it’s like to obsess about food, overeat, use food for emotional reason, compulsively overeat, obsess about the scale, and base how you feel on what the scale says?

Let’s read on for 9 signs you do not need to hire a permanent weight loss coach. (And if you are one of the millions who is struggling with food and your weight, with yo-yo dieting, with out of control eating, binge eating, last supper eating, emotional eating, self-sabotage, and always telling yourself  “I’ll change tomorrow!” or “I”ll REALLY do it on Monday” then as you are reading the following list, imagine what it would be like to be living these signs in your life!)

1.) You have zero struggle with food. Food is your friend and your relationship with food is very positive. You enjoy what you eat but food is definitely not your life. Your LIFE is your life! You have too many interests and too much passion and energy for everything you are doing in your LIFE, and food fuels your healthy body so that you can DO your Life!

You do not stuff yourself with food, you do not binge on food, you never feel out of control with food, you don’t obsess about food, feel deprived, or eat when you are not physically hungry. Well, maybe on Thanksgiving you might eat a little too much, but you don’t berate yourself or eat more food to feel better emotionally! Food is just not a struggle for you, in any way shape or form!

2.) You have zero struggle with your weight. You’re very happy with your weight, whether you’re a size 4 or a size 14. Size doesn’t matter, you LOVE your weight and feel extremely comfortable in your own skin. You feel sexy, healthy, strong and fit, and you never doubt how you look. You bounce out of bed in the morning raring to go and you love how you feel in your body. You rarely weigh yourself and since it is normal for weight to fluctuate, if you ever feel like your pants are snug, you just notice and adjust your intake and outtake very easily, not a big deal.

3.) You are thrilled with your body. You love your weight you love your body, you have no issue in this area of your life. Your mood is not dictated by a number on the scale. You have sex with the lights on. You wear a bathing suit in public and feel fantastic in your own skin. You love how you look you love how you feel and you love and appreciate your body as it is. Your body is your friend. You cannot imagine fearing it or mistrusting it.

4.) If you do want to lose weight you’re already doing it. Struggle-free. If you did gain a few pounds due to injury for example, then you are taking action right now to lose weight and it’s not a big deal for you. It’s struggle-free, you feel no deprivation, and the fat is coming off. You’re used to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s just who you are, and you have no doubt that you’ll get back to the size that you normally have been throughout your life.

5.) You have a Fit Mindset. In your mind, which is where 90% of the game is won, you are already slender, fit, strong and healthy. And, since one of the Universal Laws we all live under is, “The Inner and the Outer Always Match”, your outside matches up! Struggle-free.

If at any time in your life you had an F.A.T. Mindset, a mindset grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts, then you already got the help of a highly skilled professional, you healed the Root of your food and weight struggles, and you transformed your F.A.T. Mindset into a weight loss mindset. Today you have a Fit Mindset, which is the mindset that comes after a weight loss mindset, after you dropped that fat and have kept it off since you have all of the Inner Self Tools you need to maintain your mindset.

6.) You are not putting off your weight loss and fitness goals. If you do still have fat to drop, you’re doing it right now because it’s easy for you to follow through on your own without the accountability, mentoring, and objective coaching of a professional master coach who can easily see your Inner Self roadblocks and guide you out and around them quickly.

You don’t procrastinate, you never tell yourself “I’ll start again on Monday” because there is no need. You live healthy and fit, you enjoy doing so, and it’s not any big deal.

7.) You have never had a weight problem. You’ve been naturally slender your entire life and it’s difficult for you to imagine what it’s like for those who live in struggle. It’s especially difficult for you to imagine what it’s like for those who struggle in their mind, but on their body they look “normal”. You can see the struggle of those who are overweight and obese, but for those who are only a couple of pounds overweight, you definitely don’t understand how they could be in any struggle. It doesn’t make sense to you because food is so easy for you, as is exercise. You eat what you want when you want, most of the time you eat only when physically hungry, and you enjoy your regular workouts. It’s your lifestyle and it’s just not a big deal for you.

8.) Your LIFE is your focus. Food is food (and you enjoy it!), exercise is exercise (and feels great!), and you feel and believe that your body is absolutely wonderful as it is.  You love your life, you love your projects, you are thrilled with the work you are doing and with your relationships and even when things don’t go exactly as you want them to (since they don’t 100% of the time) you never ever use food for comfort. You are not an emotional eater, you don’t stuff your feelings, problems, or fears down with food, and when a problem comes up in life, you deal with it. Without using food in any way.

9.) You love yourself, you love your body, you love your mindset, you love your life, you love your financial situation, you love your relationships, you love your environment, you love this Universe, you love to love.


If you already have all of the above then there is no need for you to hire a permanent weight loss coach! You’re living naturally slender, struggle-free with food and your weight, you love yourself, you love your life, and it’s All Good for YOU!

However if you do not have all of the above 9 signs then some questions you can to ask yourself are, “Exactly how much longer am I willing to wait to have the results of struggle-free permanent weight loss? What exactly do I need to do before I allow myself the experience of living the rest of my life without my frustrating struggles with food and my weight?”

If you already know how to lose weight but you’re not doing it, this is the #1 sign that you have a Mindset Problem. Mindset is 90% of the solution if you crave struggle-free permanent success with your weight.

The quickest and easiest way to get a weight loss mindset so that you can have struggle-free permanent weight loss is to hire a permanent weight loss coach who already has the solution put together for you. Then all you need to do is the steps that always work!

Your Next Step towards Permanent Weight Loss

If you’d love to lose weight without struggle and have it be permanent this time (YES – lose weight and Keep It Off!) then here is your next step:

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