15 Reasons to Hire a Permanent Weight Loss CoachWould you LOVE to lose weight, but you want MORE? Much much MORE?

Meaning that you’re sick and tired of just Losing Weight. You want to Keep It Off after you lose it! (Really, who wants to keep losing weight and regaining it all back, plus more?!)

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have the easiest time losing weight you’ve ever experienced in your life? Meaning that it would be so easy for you to choose the healthy foods without wanting the other stuff.

Would you LOVE to become one of “those people”? You know who they are: those people who easily live a healthy lifestyle, because it’s who they are!

Just like that woman you see at the coffee shop eating a muffin, while you’re thinking “How can she eat that and stay so slender? If I eat that I gain 5 pounds immediately!! I hate those people who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight….it’s not fair!”

Doesn’t it make sense that if you could have achieved struggle-free permanent weight loss on your own, then you would have already done it years and years ago?

Doesn’t it make sense that if any of those food diets you’ve done could have ended your emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive overeating, yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage, low self-esteem [insert any of your unhealthy behaviors here!], then you wouldn’t be doing these things today?

So it also makes sense to you that:

a) Food diets are not the solution to healing the WHY you became overweight in the first place and,
b) While you are very smart and successful in your chosen profession, you still have not achieved struggle-free permanent weight loss and,
c) It’s just not working for you to keep going it alone. For if it were, then you wouldn’t be reading this text right now. You’d already BE there.
You’d BE healthy, fit, and at peace with food and your body. You’d already love your body, and be at your ideal weight…without struggle, deprivation, or force.

15 Reasons To Hire A Permanent Weight Loss Coach

Since you haven’t been able to win your food and weight battles on your own, and you’re very (very) tired of fighting them, you know that you need help.

What kind of help depends on the RESULTS you desire. I can only speak from my experience with my clients I mentor and coach through The Inner Self Diet™ who tell me that years of therapy never gave them the Results of Freedom from their lifelong food and weight struggles. How did they end up getting their Results of Freedom from their unhealthy behaviors that made weight loss so difficult? They got their struggle-free weight loss Results from The Inner Self Diet™.

When you work with a highly skilled coach and mentor who already has a proven, proprietary, step-by-step system to lead you out of the struggle and into the struggle-free zone, then it makes sense to just do the same steps that everyone who came before you have already done and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Here are 15 reasons to hire a permanent weight loss coach:

  1. You can lose weight but you can’t keep it off. You’re like millions of yo-yo dieters who lose weight, only to regain it all back, plus extra. None of those food diets you’ve done have given you permanent weight loss and you KNOW that your overeating and overweight are about much more than just food.
  2. You cannot get started losing weight even though you have all of the nutrition and exercise information you could ever need. When you already know WHAT to do to lose weight, but you’re not DOING it, this is the #1 sign that you have a Mindset Issue. Mindset is 90% of your struggles with overeating and overweight. Diet and exercise is only 10% of the problem, or solution. Which percentage is bigger? This tells you where the REAL problem lives right now. This is the area to fix. After you get a weight loss mindset, then the 10% (healthy eating and exercise) will be very easy for you to do.
  3. You can’t stop eating no matter how many diets you do. No food diet has ever stopped your binge eating, emotional eating, last supper eating, compulsive overeating, yo-yo dieting, food obsessions, food addictions, stuffing, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, or any other unhealthy behavior that is stopping you from achieving lasting success with your weight.
  4. You perpetually tell yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start again on Monday”. Tomorrowland is holding you hostage and while you realize you have years upon years of telling yourself you’ll “Change tomorrow” or “I’ll really do it on New Year’s Day!” or “I’ll do it after [insert anything here]”….nothing has changed and you’re still struggling with your weight and food. Tomorrowland is one symptom of an F.A.T. Mindset.
  5. You’d LOVE to EASILY lose weight and keep it off, but it’s always been a struggle (or you might have lost weight and thought you had it fixed, but it all came back). You know that it’s going to take time to release your excess physical fat, which means you must change your mindset and Inner Self at a core level because your impatience and self-sabotage has always made weight loss and maintenance very hard. You’re impatient to lose weight and you also use food for immediate gratification, leading to a no-win situation when it comes to easy weight loss.
  6. You’d LOVE to become one of “those people” who naturally live a healthy, fit lifestyle without struggle or force. You are smart and you know that in order to lose weight and keep it off, it must be a lifestyle for you. But when it’s so hard for you to stop eating and stop obsessing about food and your fat, you’ve never gotten to that place of it being a fun, easy, healthy LIFESTYLE. It continues to be a back and forth struggle and battle that you’ve never won on your own.
  7. You’d LOVE to be able to eat Just One. If you could eat Just One cookie, you know that you’d be OK. That you could really lose weight, keep it off, and Be Normal (finally!). But you’re never able to stop with just one cookie, or just one scoop, or just one bowl. You always have to have more, and it’s never enough. No food diet has ever fixed this problem for you, in fact they only make your food obsessions worse!
  8. You’d LOVE to “be Normal” with food. Just like having the easy ability to be satisfied with Just One, if you could do that you’d finally Be Normal. You’d be one of those people for whom food is just food. Imagine food losing it’s magic, just like it did for Nancy. Or imagine being able to leave a whole bag of chocolates on your counter for 2 weeks without eating any…because you honestly don’t want them anymore! This is Marsha’s result from The Inner Self Diet™ after releasing 49 years of struggle.
  9. You never feel good enough, thin enough, or fit enough. Even when you’ve lost weight in the past, you still didn’t feel happy and fulfilled from it! You didn’t not feel the inner peace you expected, and you still wanted to use food to feel better, which eventually, you did. You want MORE than weight loss – you want to be done with the entire struggle that put on that fat in the first place. You’d love to feel like YOU are good enough, and not just say the words, but FEEL it and KNOW it.
  10. You’ve Tried it All. You’ve done all of the diets. You’ve bought all of the exercise dvds (some you didn’t even open!). You’ve bought the gym equipment and workout clothes to try to make yourself be that fit and healthy person on the outside, but no matter how much you spent on the tools of the trade, you still didn’t lose weight and keep it off. Diets made you more obsessed and left you feeling like more of a failure after so many repeated attempts. The hole keeps getting bigger and deeper and you don’t know how to climb out of it.
  11. You don’t want to TRY anymore – You want RESULTS. If there is anything else left that you haven’t done yet (there’s always a new diet coming out, every day!) you don’t want to keep doing the same things you’ve always done, because you’ve proven Einstein’s Definition of Insanity to yourself. Now you want real world RESULTS. You want the struggle-free results you’ve read about from Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ and the results you’ve heard them speak about! You don’t want anymore words though – you want the Experience. You want to Live the Results of struggle-free permanent weight loss but you’ve got no idea how to fix what is 90% of your challenge: Your Inner Self, your mindset.
  12. You want the RESULTS of struggle-free weight loss in the least amount of time possible. You’ve thought about doing what Laura did (a Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™) who shared in her audio testimonial that she’d been following JoLynn for over a year before she invested in herself and enrolled in The Inner Self Diet™. She stated in her audio testimonial that things only got worse during that year while she told herself she should be able to figure it out on her own and do it herself. You know that the quickest way to get Results is to hire a permanent weight loss coach who already has the proven system to success, and to just follow the same steps everyone else has done. Coaching is the quickest way to get there which is why Madonna, Tiger Woods and Oprah all have coaches for the areas of their life they desire coaching in. All high achievers have coaches, even Dr. Wayne Dyer, because smart people like YOU know that it’s the quickest way to get to where you want to go.
  13. You can see that the problem you’re dealing with is much much BIGGER and OLDER than you realized. You can see that your struggles with food and fat began when you were a kid, back when you first started struggling with food, fat, diet, body image, and yourself. Someone else may have called you fat, and whether or not you even were, you believed them. Or an adult may have put you on a diet, or you thought you were fat and chose to diet. Whatever the experience was that you had, it’s very easy for you to see that the struggles you live with today have been going on a lifetime, because the WHY you became overweight in the first place has never been healed. Because this problem is so old, it’s easy for you to see that this is why you’ve never been able to heal it on your own.
  14. No self-help book, do-it-yourself program or online on-your-own course has ever healed The Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles. Over a lifetime you’ve collected self-help books, online self-help courses, magazine articles, tapes of television shows, dvds, and mp3’s on the topic of your unhealthy behaviors and overweight. But…you’re still struggling, even after all of the information you have gathered (you hate to admit it, but you didn’t even OPEN many of those books etc. that you bought!)It’s clear to you that all of that information has not healed the WHY you became overweight in the first place. You Know that The Root has never been healed because you are still struggling. While some of that information might have given you insights into how and why you got off track, and some of that information may have fixed bits and pieces, still The Root of the problem has never been healed, which is why you continue to struggle (and you’re fed up with the struggle!).
  15. You believe you deserve the help of a proven professional coach who has already mentored others to struggle-free weight loss success before you. You’ve come to a point in your life where you are finally ready to take care of YOU for a change. You thought that putting everyone else first was a good thing to do but you’ve learned that you can’t give to anyone what you don’t first have for yourself. Therefore, the more frustrated and fed up you get with your weight, the less love, joy, and patience you have for your loved ones. Your weight and struggles are always in the back of your mind and you cannot leave your mindset out of your life. When your mindset is F.A.T. (based in Fear Attracting Thoughts) that mindset goes with your everywhere. It’s not only stopping you from struggle-free permanent weight loss, it’s also impacting your relationships, your work, your spiritual connection, your finances, your fun, your fitness, and your peace of mind.

Since you believe that YOU deserve to hire a permanent weight loss coach so that YOU can get all of the benefits of a weight loss mindset, which will impact not only your weight but also your relationships, your finances, your work, your spiritual connection, your fun, and your joy (you can easily see this since your mindset goes with you wherever your body goes) then here’s your next step.

Your Next Step towards Permanent Weight Loss

The Inner Self Diet™ does not have open enrollment since it’s not for everyone.

However if you are truly serious about healing the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles so that you can drop that fat and keep it off, then it just might be a fit for YOU! Here’s how to find out: Click here and complete your application for a complimentary weight loss discovery session.

This is your first step towards struggle-free, permanent success with your weight!