When I wrote my post Contains Zero Trans Fat – Truth or Creative Advertising?, I mentioned that I had entered it into the “How To” group writing project that Sarah at blueJAR.com was sponsoring. My post is a “how to” tell if you are buying foods that contain trans fat, since the FDA allows labeling that would make you think that certain foods do not contain any trans fat.

The group writing project has been great fun and Sarah ended up having a total of 44 qualified entries. Part of the project was for each entrant to read the 44 entries and then post the top 3 entries on your blog, giving these 3 posts a vote. I’ve made my way through all 44 posts, which means that I’ve discovered some wonderful new blogs along with some excellent entries in the writing project. However, since I can only pick only 3, here they are:

Other posts that I really enjoyed were:

Group writing projects are a great way to not only find new blogs to read, but also a way to give more exposure to your own. If you are a blogger I’d recommend getting involved when you have the opportunity to enter a group writing project, or even take on hosting your own! Thank you to Sarah for hosting the project, and good luck to all entrants!