I mentioned in my post yesterday that I am participating in the Problogger Group Writing Project sponsored by Darren Rowse this week.

Yesterday was the first day and there were a total of 132 submissions. I admit, I have not been able to view every one of them yet, however I have collected the ones that I found that are related to the topic of health here at Fearless Fat Loss:

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Additionally, here are some fun and useful posts that are off topic for Fearless Fat Loss. These bloggers were generous to link to me on their blogs (thank you!), and I want to give some exposure back to them:

While it will not be a regular occurrence that I post 3 times a day, I’d like to fully participate in the Problogger project this week, and part of that is taking the opportunity to bring you some interesting posts to read.

I hope that you visit them as they can offer some great information and useful tips. Enjoy!

Problogger Group Writing Project May 08 2007