Today’s post regarding the Problogger group writing project is a combination of the submissions from day 4 and 5.

To be honest, there have been so many great submissions that I got caught up in reading as many as I could yesterday, and ran out of time to post a selection for you.

Yesterday there were an additional 222 posts submitted, and today, there were 297. This brings the week’s total to a whopping 893 submissions! Did I read all of them? Uh, no. 😉 However, I have done my best to find some more posts from yesterday and today’s submissions that apply to the topic of health so that I may pass them on to you:

Out of all of the posts I’d like to highlight the following one by Natalie re: living gluten free. I agree 100% with each of the 5 points she has made in her article. I have never been diagnosed with Celiac disease, however I do avoid flour as part of my regular diet regime (and feel excellent because of it!).

Here are some more wonderful posts that relate to the topic of health and/or the mind body connection:

Additionally, here are the generous blogger’s who linked to my submission to the Problogger project (thank you all!):

  • A 1000 Voices (well, over 370.) by Sheila (this is a list of favorites from the Problogger project along with a link to her submission on her other blog which I included earlier this week).

Please enjoy reading these posts and discovering some new blogs out there in the blogosphere!