Following are some fit links from around the blogosphere that I found interesting. Enjoy the reading, and have a healthy, fun-filled weekend!

Are you constipated? – Here’s yet another reason to get off the processed foods and create a healthy lifestyle filled with whole, fresh foods. We all know that you cannot be healthy if you hold onto waste in your body, and what you eat directly effects elimination.

Something that I would add to this though, is the metaphysical aspect of constipation, meaning that you could be eating very well but still be constipated because you have a hard time “letting go” in your life. A good affirmation for that would be one of my favorites from Louise L. Hay: “I trust in the process of life”. When you combine both the physical and the mind/emotions, you should be moving along just fine. 😉

  • Are you addicted to overeating? – Here’s a different view on food addiction, which is about being addicted to that overstuffed feeling instead of addicted to food substances. I have definitely overeaten to get that stuffed feeling before, but when I’m off of the addictive ingredients (refined sugar, flour, unhealthy fats, added sodium, dairy), I don’t have the urge to stuff myself. Now there have been times that I allowed myself to get overly hungry and then I did eat too many veggies and ended up feeling very full, but that was my fault for not eating sooner; I wasn’t going for the stuffed feeling.

What do you think about this? Do you overeat to get that stuffed feeling instead of overeating because you’re triggered by the kind of food you eat?

  • 10 healthy lifestyle traits to adopt – Here are 10 traits of healthy people that do not include getting on that scale every day to see how much you weigh. 😉 They cover a message that I believe in: when your main focus is on health and building a strong, fit body instead of focusing solely on weight loss, that you will be much more apt to maintain that weight loss for life. Why? Because if you want to create a fit, toned, healthy body and a clear, focused mind, you will focus on creating a healthy lifestyle filled with whole foods, regular exercise, lots of water, and positive thoughts.

I’ve been in that mind space before where I was only focused on the scale, and it didn’t help me see the big picture. While I am currently working on losing weight, it’s not all about that darned scale. Instead, it’s about sculpting a fit, toned, healthy body and staying off the addictive ingredients that only serve to bring me down physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And sure, I’ll take the weight loss that comes from it, it’s just that I’m focused on fitness and freedom from the mind games of the “food and weight bubble”, and therefore live a healthy, sane life free of cravings for processed, sugar-filled foods.

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What about you? Are you focused on health and fitness with the side benefit of weight loss, or are you focusing on losing weight alone?

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