At the end of April I began a binge eating survey to collect the type of people’s favorite or preferred binge food.

The survey’s purpose was to help binge eaters see the similarities between the participants’ preferred binge foods (through the upcoming results), and to learn if food addiction is driving their binges.

I may have been overzealous in wanting 100 responses in such a short amount of time, because I started the survey when my site is still rather new. 🙂 That’s ok though; I received less than 50 completed surveys, some were partial, but I can still compile the results based on the complete surveys.

I will be putting a post together with the results and if anyone asked me questions in the comments section of the survey, I will answer those in my results post so that others can learn from them, too. No personal information will be shared in my post, though.

I can already see patterns in the types of favorite binge foods that the participants indicated, and I look forward to compiling the stats on these items. Binging is such a solitary activity, and it’s important to know that if you are a binge eater, that you are not strange or odd for eating uncontrollably. There are many people who do this, and it is an eating disorder that may have become your way of coping with life.

I’m not saying that it is positive, or that it is not self-destructive, but until you heal this issue, if there is any way that you can remember that you aren’t the only one who binges, then perhaps you can feel less poorly about it.

Binge Eating Survey is Closed