How many times have you gotten a commercial jingle or a pop song’s chorus stuck in your head? The tune is catchy, it repeats itself, and it can be hard to shake. So how about setting your positive affirmations to music?

Today is going to be a lot of fun, if you like to sing and dance around (and have fun!), that is.

This might sound simple, but it’s actually a very powerful way to get some positive thoughts ingrained in your subconscious quite easily. It’s even more powerful because it’s fun and you’ll feel good doing it; especially if you dance around and get moving, no matter how silly you might think it is to do so.

Remember, songwriters and jingle writers write “hooks” in their tunes to make them memorable. All we’re doing today is taking a catchy tune and putting positive affirmations in it. I’ve used my own tunes as well as ad jingles that are very catchy. I’d rather have positive affirmations caught in my head instead of a company’s phone number!

Why not get something positive stuck in your head (instead of an ad jingle!) that will help you love yourself just a little bit more today, and get closer to achieving your weight loss goals with love and forgiveness for yourself?

This is a small step you can take in the direction of accepting yourself and your body exactly as you are now. It’s a small step towards a weight loss mindset.

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