We’re just about halfway through the 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin so we’re making Day 14 a review day. 😉

Today’s exercise is to go back to the beginning and read Day 1, the introduction to this series. After that, pick the one exercise up to this point that you had the greatest reaction to, whether positive or negative, and do that exercise today. You see, when you have a strong reaction there is something else there for you to learn about yourself (if you don’t have any reaction at all then you’re either not ready, or you could just be in observation mode). If you had such a strong reaction, then it will do you more good to go through that exercise again, instead of doing a new one today. 😉

The reason that we are re-reading Day 1 is because I want to stress what these exercises are all about, which is simply to use the most powerful force on Earth (love) to release negative self-talk, criticism, blame, anything that is not love that you are holding on to in regards to yourself. Of course we are focusing on the topic of your weight and health here at Fearless Fat Loss, so we are looking at the negativity that you hold in your thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) and emotions regarding your weight.

In these exercises we aren’t focusing on the lifestyle changes that are necessary in order to lose weight and achieve maximum health (high energy, a zest for life, ease of movement, wellness and health in body, mind, spirit), and as you know, this is not at all about becoming “skinny”. Instead the entire focus is on gaining natural motivation to care for your body and health, just like you desire excellent health for your loved ones.

For example, do you want your loved ones to be overweight, unhealthy, living with low energy, and just feeling poorly each day? Of course you don’t, so why would you want anything less for yourself? You won’t once you genuinely love yourself (again, this is not about boasting, vanity, ego, conceit, but about love, acceptance, and forgiveness).

When you love yourself and treat yourself like your own best friend, you will naturally want to care for your body. You will drop the self-sabotage and allow yourself to enjoy all of the benefits of living in a healthy, fit, toned, energetic body.

All in all, these exercises will make sense to you when you understand how powerful your mind and emotions are in your life. Everything in life begins with a thought, and your emotions (therefore love) are also thoughts. If you have had struggles with achieving maximum health and fitness and it is an important goal to you, why in the world wouldn’t you want to pull out all stops and utilize the greatest power (your thoughts and emotions) that is under your control? 😉

If you have any questions or comments or wish to share any of your experiences with these exercises up to this point, please feel free to leave a comment.

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