If you’re familiar with Louise Hay you are likely familiar with mirror work.

Very simply, you go to the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and speak out loud a positive affirmation to yourself.

This can be very powerful, and what’s interesting is that many (if not most) have a very strong resistance to doing this! Why is that? Well, if you are not willing to allow yourself to feel better, or if you think this is silly and won’t work, then those negative thoughts will stop you from taking action to make progress with this seemingly simple exercise.

What those negative thoughts are a sign of is F.A.T. and when you have an F.A.T. mindset that mindset is a perfect match to an overweight body.

What is F.A.T.? Those are your Fear Attracting Thoughts. Not good, if you want to have an easy time of losing weight!

The easiest way to allow yourself to release the fat is to get a weight loss mindset. But what does that have to do with loving yourself thin? One of the results of weight loss mindset is that you do fall in love with yourself! Of course you must take action to do so, and here you have a very simple action you can take with yourself right now!

Simply go the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say something positive to yourself!

When you truly love and cherish yourself and your body, you will naturally want to learn how to change your lifestyle to not only lose weight, but also keep it off. By looking yourself directly in the eyes in the mirror while doing positive affirmations, focusing on loving yourself more each day, you will gain that natural motivation to care for your body, just as you naturally care for the people, pets, and even items in your life that you currently love and cherish.

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