Can you really love yourself thin? Don’t you have to work hard and just force yourself to diet and exercise in order to lose weight? Isn’t it a dream to think that you can Love Yourself Thin?

Have you had any thoughts like this while doing the exercises in the 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin series? Do you think it’s just hogwash that you can utilize the most powerful force on Earth (love) to change your thoughts and gain some natural motivation to treat yourself better, love your body, and make some healthy lifestyle changes?

If you believe that it won’t work, you’re right (because you won’t do the exercises). However, here is something interesting to think about: you don’t have to believe that these exercises will work for you, because if you take action and simply do them, you cannot help but experience a positive shift in your consciousness and in how you feel about yourself.

You see, it’s just not possible to be so down on yourself when you truly love yourself, which means accepting yourself as you are now, and forgiving yourself for any mistakes you feel that you have made, such as overeating, food obsession, scale obsession, regaining the weight that you previously lost, or not trying to lose weight to benefit your health.

Furthermore, loving yourself as you are now is not only a way to motivate yourself to treat yourself with kindness and love (including taking care of your body), but the only way to give away more love to others. You can only love another to the extent that you love yourself. However, we are talking about losing weight and bettering your health, but you do gain many side-benefits from loving the self more each day. 🙂

For today’s exercise, go to the mirror, look yourself deep in the eyes, and repeat 10 times: “I am willing to love you more today than I did yesterday. I am willing to release all resistance to change. I am willing to treat my body with more health and respect than I did yesterday.”

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If this is your first time reading about these exercises, please read the introduction and/or Day 14 for the full background and focus of the 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin.

Love Yourself Thin – Is It Really Possible?