In every action you take you are always taking it out of one of two core spaces: the space of Love or the space of Fear.

When you have an mindset that is based mainly in fear, especially when it comes to how you think and feel about food, your body, and your weight, then you will take action to try to lose weight out of the space of fear. However actions based in fear is what caused your overweight in the first place.

When instead you take action for your body only out of the space of love then all actions you take will be healthy and will feel healthy for you. You cannot go wrong when you act only from the space of love.

I haven’t been watching The Biggest Loser faithfully this season, however I did catch most of it last night. What really caught my attention was the very end of the show when Jez was voted off. He said (this isn’t word for word) that he had been living his life consumed with or ruled by fear up to that point. In his update they showed that he had gained the confidence to move to California, which I am assuming must have been something he was afraid to do before.

The point that I am focusing on is Jez’s admission that he had been living a life ruled by fear. Can you relate to this, and do you use food as a way to salve those fears? Perhaps you even keep yourself overweight because of fear, fear of being treated differently if you are trim, thin, and fit.

If this is also the case for you, what if you were to love yourself out of this and lose weight in the process? Some affirmations that I find especially helpful are, “Out of this situation only good will come. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am safe, all is well.”

Do note however, that any limiting beliefs you might have will determine how effective positive affirmations will be for you. The best way to ensure that positive affirmations work is by getting a weight loss mindset before using them. Why? Because then any positive affirmations you use will reinforce your weight loss mindset.

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