Do you have the belief that you can’t stop eating? Have you ever had the thought that there is just not enough food that could ever fill you up inside?

Do you have the belief “I can’t stop eating“, the belief that no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to control your eating, you’ll forever be an overeater. This isn’t about stopping yourself from eating even when you’re hungry because you think that that is the way to lose weight.

So what does the thought “I can’t stop eating” have to do with loving yourself? Well, if you equate food with love and comfort and you are an overeater, you are essentially attempting to feel loved and comforted by using food. What if you already felt loved and comforted in your life, and going a step further, who is the most important and most immediate source of that love and comfort?

You are the most important and immediate source of love and comfort for you. And sure, I realize that is very easy to say, and it’s very difficult to do (especially when you’ve been conditioned to look outside of yourself for love and acceptance).

But what if you don’t love yourself, much less like yourself? Well, these are signs of an F.A.T. mindset, which is a match to an overweight body and overeating behaviors. The good news is that once you replace that mindset with a weight loss mindset then you will naturally fall in love with yourself because loving, LIKING, and accepting yourself is a part of a weight loss mindset!

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How To Stop Eating and Love Yourself