When it comes right down to it, food is just food. Food is just material that is meant to be ingested when you are physically hungry in order to provide vitamins and nutrients to the body for energy.

Food is meant to fuel your body, nothing more. That doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your meals, but food cannot give you love, it is an inanimate object. Now, what some food (refined sugar, for example) can do is create chemical reactions in the brain that make you feel good, that give you the feeling of love; but that isn’t love, just like the feeling heroin users get isn’t love.

If you truly want to not only lose weight but keep it off, the major part of the work (90% of it) lies in getting to the bottom of why you are overeating.

Heal the root of your lifelong food and weight struggles and it will become easy to create a healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy eating and exercise. By loving yourself right now as you are, you can love yourself through your discoveries of what makes you tick and without self-criticism, make some positive, lasting changes in your life.

What is important is that you get a weight loss mindset. A weight loss mindset will give you the means (and the tools, if you work with a pro who has a proven, step-by-step, proprietary system to struggle-free weight loss) to be able to eat only when hungry, stop when full, and still enjoy what you eat.

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