Are your thoughts dominated by thoughts of your weight and food? Have you ever noticed how often you think about your weight? Are the majority of these thoughts self-critical?

Does your F.A.T. mindset (Fear Attracting Thoughts) which drives your obsession…does it interfere with your quality of life?

Do you find that you are unable to focus on what is good about your life because there is a constant cloud of dissatisfaction about your weight?

Well sure, it’s quite difficult to have a high quality of life when your mindset is based in F.A.T., which is a perfect match to overweight behaviors and an overweight body. So it makes a lot of sense that it’s very challenging for you to find that inner peace and happiness when you’re consumed with your weight, doesn’t it.

What can you do if your thoughts are dominated with issues of your weight? You won’t necessarily be stopping these thoughts from coming up, but you can replace them or counteract them when they do surface. So, to give yourself a break today, every time that you have any thought about your weight, counteract it with the thought, “I approve of myself”.

Note though, that this may or may not work for you. If you have limiting beliefs then this positive thought will bounce off of you like water off of a ducks back, simply because your beliefs will always win.

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Part of a solid weight loss mindset is supportive beliefs that empower you. When you have a weight loss mindset your mind is NOT consumed with thoughts of “I shouldn’t eat that, I should eat that, how did they lose weight, why can’t I lose weight, why can’t I stop eating??!” and the most frustrating one of all, “How is it that I’m so smart and successful but still I’m struggling with my weight?!”

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Give Yourself a Break From Thinking About Your Weight