When you are having a difficult time forgiving yourself for when it comes to the topic of weight loss then you will have a hard time moving forward.

You see if you are holding on to self-criticisms over your past weight loss failures or for regaining all of the weight that you did lose (plus some!), then you might just find yourself stuck in a rut of non-motivation. After all, why would you want to try to change your lifestyle again if it didn’t stick last time and you ended up regaining the weight that you worked so hard to shed?

This is a difficult challenge to overcome, and it does take a weight loss mindset in order to do so.

A very small first step you can take is to grab my Free 5-Day E-course titled, “Is Your Mindset Fit or Fat?”

This will help you discover what’s really been holding you back from losing weight for good, and what you can do about it!


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Forgive Yourself for Past Weight Loss Failures