Today is all about gratitude for what your body is doing right for you.

To increase your love and appreciation for your wonderful body, today’s exercise is to pick 5 parts of your body that you are grateful for. For example, Catherine left a comment on Day 4 and said that she was going to thank her eyes and her hands that day, because they help her work easily. That day’s exercise was different than today’s, but it’s a good example of how to pick 5 parts of your body if you want to think about what you use most often (your feet, perhaps? 😉 ).

If you are having a difficult time because you have been holding so many negative thoughts and feelings about your body for such a long time that you just don’t feel gratitude for your body at all, then pick 5 of your internal organs. Think about how grateful you are for your heart, how it keeps pumping without you having to think about it, or how your brain processes this text that you are reading now.

After you have picked 5 parts of your body that you are grateful for, get out your notebook or journal and write a positive affirmation of gratitude for each. Continuing with your heart as an example: “I am so thankful for my heart, for its amazing, life giving actions. Thank you heart, I love you”. After writing your affirmation of gratitude and love, sit back and focus on your heart and feel the warmth and gratitude that you have for this part of your body. Imagine sending it love, acceptance, and appreciation for all that it does for you every moment of your life.

Complete the same process for the 4 other parts of your body that you have chosen to focus on. When you are done, note in your journal how you are feeling about your body. I hope that you are feeling awesome by focusing on the positives about your body, how wonderful it is in this moment, regardless of how much you weigh. I have done this exercise already and feel a marked difference in my attitude towards my body.

You are moving further away from the criticism of your body that is all wrapped up and focused on your weight and gaining more love and appreciation for your body the further along you proceed with the 31 Days of Loving Yourself Thin. Stay tuned for Day 8 tomorrow! 🙂

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