Did you learn about the law of attraction but it’s just not helping you lose weight?

Are you confused because in your opinion, you’re a very positive person but you still can’t stop binge eating?

Were you hoping that the law of attraction would finally be The Answer to your weight loss woes?

Or maybe you read The Secret, got excited, but you’re still struggling with your weight.

Why The Law of Attraction Is Not Helping You Lose Weight

The book The Secret was a great success and it helped to get the word out to the masses that your thoughts, emotions and focus are extremely important. I agree! But there is One Big Thing that was left out The Secret that has caused many to think that the law of attraction does not work, especially when it comes to weight loss.

What is that One Big Thing about the law of attraction that was left out? Here it is: ACTION.

Yes! In order to lose weight you MUST take action. Healthy action. Every Day. Even though you probably don’t like hearing this, the ONLY solution for permanent weight loss is a healthy lifestyle. That’s it!

There Is No Secret to Successful Weight Loss

While The Secret makes it sound like all you need to do is think positive thoughts and visualize your ideal body, nothing could be further from the truth. You Need to Get Out There and live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out in order to lose weight and keep it off. There’s no getting around it.

I know, I know, this is why the magical weight loss cures are so popular. You know the ones, the pills that say “Just take this pill, don’t change your lifestyle At All and you’ll lose weight!”… and then people end up with life threatening heart valve issues! All because they want to lose weight, but don’t know how to fix the problem permanently, which has nothing to do with food, exercise, or the fat on your body.

“You must heal the root of your emotional eating, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting in order to achieve struggle-free weight loss that lasts.” ~ Permanent weight loss coach, JoLynn Braley

In the end, the only solution for permanent weight loss is a healthy lifestyle. There is no magic trick, no magic cleanse, no pill, magical diet or boot camp that will solve your food and weight struggles. The solution for permanent weight loss is a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle does not include emotional eating, binge eating, or mindless eating.

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Not Helping You Lose Weight - FearlessFatLoss.comWhat was left out of The Secret is the fact that you DO need to take physical action in your life in order to get the results you seek. Thinking about it a healthy body, meditating about weight loss, or making a vision board of a new sexy wardrobe will not give you the results of struggle-free weight loss without a core change in your lifestyle. Now, there is more to the story because there IS a way that the law of attraction can work for you and help you lose weight. I’ll save that focus for an upcoming separate article. But for now, keep in mind that new results do not come from wishing, hoping and praying for them. Results come from taking action AND struggle-free action is the easiest action you can ever take!

To Get Results Instead of Hoping for Someday…

If you want the Results of struggle-free weight loss so that you can finally end your binge eating, stop emotional eating, and cut the cord of your yo-yo dieting for good, then take the first step and apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with me. On the call you’ll get to speak with me one-on-one and discover what’s really been stopping you from losing weight for good and what you can to change that now. This is for you if you are serious about ending the struggle so that you can stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful professionally BUT I can’t get control of my eating and my weight?!”