I realize this may sound funny for me to state that losing weight is the absolute worst thing you could ever do when my business is about helping my awesome coaching clients achieve struggle-free weight loss! But there’s something my clients already know that others don’t.

Why Losing Weight Is the Absolute WORST Thing You Could Ever Do

Have you ever lost anything in your life that you did not go looking for?

Your purse? Your keys? A pair of shoes? Your cat? Your dog that ran away? A sweater? A necklace, driver’s license, credit card, or mascara?

Is there anything you have ever lost that you did not keep searching for? 

In my experience, I have never called an item “lost” if it wasn’t something I a) could not find and b) I wanted to find! And I certainly did NOT want to Lose anything that was valuable to me.

I remember when I was in junior high and made the mistake of taking off the agate necklace my dad had given me. It was a beautiful necklace on a sterling silver chain and I took it off for my swim class and placed it on the top shelf of my locker.

Why Losing Weight Is Abolute the Worst Thing You Could Ever Do | FearlessFatLoss.comAfter swim class, we all showered and got dressed and I forgot that necklace in that locker on the top shelf. I went back for it later that day because I had lost it and wanted to find it. I continued to search for it because I had lost it.

So here’s the big question: Why in the world would you want to Lose weight when you’ve never lost anything in your life that you didn’t end up searching for? Why wouldn’t you heal the root of the problem and release the fat once and for all? Hmmm. Watch my video for more!

To End The Struggle

Are you serious about putting an end to your ongoing food and weight struggles once and for all?

Would you love to stop trying to figure out why you’ve never succeeded at permanent weight loss even though you’re very smart and successful professionally?

What if dropping the fat could become super easy for you to DO? If it were so easy for you to live healthy and fit, then what would be the problem?

If you’d love to stop fighting yourself (yes, all struggle is born within your Inner Self) so that you can achieve freedom from your emotional eating, binge eating, self-sabotage and any other unhealthy behavior that is keeping you fat, frustrated and fed up, then start by applying for a complimentary weight loss discovery session! It’s your first step towards freedom from the struggle. Click here to start the application process.


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