Have you ever asked why don’t you just DO It to lose weight?

Do you consistently Collect diet and exercise information BUT you don’t take consistent action on it?

If you’re like my Inner Self Diet coaching clients, you already know exactly WHAT you need to DO to drop the fat…but you’re not DOING it. You consistently stop yourself, hold yourself back, procrastinate and sabotage yourself.

You tell yourself that you’ll “do it tomorrow” as the days, weeks, months and years roll by.

You find old weight loss journals in your closet from 10 years ago when you were still struggling with the same things you’re struggling with today and the struggle rolls on, along with the excess fat on your butt!

Why Don’t You Just DO It To Lose Weight?

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So why don’t you just do it to lose weight? Why do you keep putting it off? Why do you keep struggling? Most importantly…why haven’t you hired a coach to help you out of the pickle you’ve been in for so long now?

This is a great question! Why in the world would you think that you have the skills required to end your binge eating? Why do you think that you can “figure it out somehow” all on your own?

I ask because your Results never lie. Yes! I said it. The facts are this: If you could have ended your emotional eating, ended your binge eating, stopped yo-yo dieting and make weight loss super easy and fun, then why in the world would you be reading these words right now?

Why Don't You Just Do It To Lose Weight - FearlessFatLossYou’re right! You wouldn’t. There’s no way you’d be reading these words if you were living in freedom from the struggle. Instead you’d be out and about, living your life, living without fear, and living IN your ideal body. There’s no way you’d be reading this text right now.

So, here’s the best question of the day: How will you know when you’ve collected enough diet and exercise information? How will you know when you’ll be completely free of your ongoing struggles to lose weight? How will you know when now is the right time to get the help you clearly need in order to break through your inner barriers to permanent weight loss?

The truth is that the only time you have is NOW. You have no power in your past and you have no power in your future. If you don’t hire a kick ass permanent weight loss coach today so that you can end your binge eating and stop struggling, then when exactly will you lose weight and keep it off?

Watch my newest weekly video and hear all about the story of the bikini competitor who consistently gets the same questions from the same people every time she’s competing, AND the same people every time Don’t Take Action with the information she gives them. Instead, they just keep asking the same questions, getting the same answers, with no results to show for it.

If You’re Fed Up With Yourself and Determined to Stop Struggling

Do you want to lose weight? (Yes or No?)

Do you want weight loss to be easy? (Yes or No)

Does it make sense that weight loss will always be a struggle as long as you continue to avoid healing your emotional eating, binge eating, low self-esteem and self-sabotage? (Yes or No)

Have you ever been successful at achieving permanent weight loss on your own? (Yes or No)

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Why Don’t You Just DO It To Lose Weight?