If you’re like most who are struggling today with food and your weight, you think that one of your biggest problems is consistency. But what it this isn’t true?

Why Consistency to Lose Weight Is NOT What’s Stopping You

Most people think that a big reason they can’t lose weight is because they can’t stay consistent. But the fact is that this is not true! Consistency is NOT what’s stopping you from losing weight. How can you prove this to yourself? Here’s how:

Take a look at all of the ways that you ARE consistent. You consistently tell yourself you’re going to lose weight, that you’ll do it on Monday, or that you’ll do is Someday.

You consistently put off yourself and give all your time to others and then emotionally eat to try to feel better. You consistently say that you’ll lose weight after the holidays, after the vacation, after you complete the project, and after the crisis has passed.

You have consistency with the new diet each Monday, which ends by Wednesday and you have consistency with living an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Why Consistency To Lose Weight Is Not Your Problem - FearlessFatLossYou have consistency with the negative thoughts, the mindless eating in front of the TV and the self-doubts.

You also have consistency with your feeling of being stuck and your inability to stick to it, no matter how many diet books or exercise programs you buy.

Ok, this is not a joke! These are all examples of how consistent you already are in your life. Being consistent and having consistency with your actions is just a behavior, and as you can see, you do NOT have a problem with consistency. The problem is that you don’t have consistency with healthy behaviors, but you DO have the ability to be consistent. It’s very clear when you look at how you are already living.

Do Not Take This Lightly!

What you’re looking at (if you’re willing to look at yourself) is a serious matter and I suggest you do not take this lightly. If you’ve been beating yourself up for a lack of consistency there’s no reason to do that any longer because consistency is not your problem. It’s a matter of specifically WHAT you are consistent with, and in order to become consistent with living a healthy lifestyle, it needs to be easy and fun for you to LIVE that healthy lifestyle.

In order for it to be easy and fun for you to live a healthy lifestyle consistently you must be in alignment within your Inner Self. When instead you’re living in struggle with yourself, you’ll continually be at war with yourself, and the unhealthy behaviors will always win out. Why? Because that is what is easier for you to do.

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Why Consistency to Lose Weight Is NOT What’s Stopping You