Most of the time, you don’t hear about a weight loss expert GAINING weight, do you. Well I’m here to tell you today that I did!

Here’s how I did it:

1.) I did exactly what my clients are doing prior to working with me in The Inner Self Diet: they put everyone and everything else first, putting themselves on the bottom of the pile. Therefore, instead of taking care of ME and doing my own proven system (The Inner Self Diet), I was running on empty, putting all of my energy into everything else except myself. (HINT: This does not work if you desire to drop the fat and keep it off)

2.) I let my mindset get very negative, especially related to the topics of men, dating, and relationships. (When your mindset is fat, your body will be, too!)

3.) I was hiding behind my own fat and living in FEAR: fear of being seen, fear of doing videos for my business, fear of speaking my message, fear of sharing the TRUTH (the truth is that in order to make weight loss easy and make weight loss permanent, it must be an inside-out job).

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4.) I let my mindset become F.A.T., based in Fear Attracting Thoughts, which matches the excess fat on my body. (Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer always match. Always.)

5.) I made the mistake of only doing a small portion of my proven system, The Inner Self Diet. In 2010 I went from a size 12 to a size 8 in only 2 months after doing the Bad-Ass Belief Change, which is one module of The Inner Self Diet. I maintained that size 8 for a couple of years until I let my mindset go sour (which makes it very easy to live an unhealthy physical lifestyle).

6.) I was not using the same Inner Self Tools I give to my clients, to maintain my own mindset.

FACT: When you feed your mind before you feed your body and you live this as a lifestyle, it remains easy to drop the fat and keep it off. I was not doing this though. Instead I was focusing on my negativity, especially towards dating, and those negative thoughts made it very easy to eat a bunch of food that I know doesn’t work well in my body.

The Mind leads the body. Always.

Weight Loss Expert Gains 25 Pounds

Watch my video below and I’ll share all with you, On Video! The one thing I have been living in FEAR of doing for so many years. And then…. I have something very exciting to share with you in my next video. But watch this one first, and please do share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, wherever you hang out online. If my story can inspire others to Stop living in Fear and Stop living in Shame…. and then move forward to take action to transform…. then great!

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Weight Loss Expert GAINS 25 Pounds (Oh my!)