I Want to Lose Weight BUT...When you know how to lose weight in a healthy manner and you keep telling yourself and others, “I want to lose weight” BUT you aren’t taking action to do it, then this is a sure sign that you have a Mindset problem.

Your mindset is either 90% of your problem, OR it’s where 90% of your solution will be found.

That is, IF what you crave is an End to the Battle.

Yes, you really can end your ongoing battles with overeating and overweight.

You really CAN stop sabotaging yourself and your weight loss. You really CAN put all of your lifelong battles with your body behind you…IF you get a weight loss mindset.

If you do not take steps (proven steps will get you the quickest results) to change your mindset and get a core, solid, weight loss mindset, then you will only be attacking your weight loss battles with 10% of the solution, which is a healthy eating and exercise plan.

The problem is that without a weight loss mindset, you are unable to DO the healthy eating and exercise consistently. You might be able to do it in spurts, which is a symptom of a diet mentality and an F.A.T. Mindset, but without a solid weight loss mindset you are not able to live a healthy lifestyle consistently and with ease.

If you would love to be able to do that, which means putting an end to your never-ending food and weight struggles, then click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. It’s the same first step that all Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ took!