How many emotional calories are you eating each day? Have you ever considered this?

What if you could stop eating your shame,  fears, insecurities, and self-doubt?

What if you could eat only for physical hunger and then stop when physically full.

And what if it were super easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle? If this were the case and you had no more urge to emotionally eat or binge eat, then what could possibly stop you from achieving permanent weight loss?

How Many Emotional Calories Are You Eating Per Day?

If you’re like most who are struggling with their weight, you’re used to counting the calories you eat. But have you ever counted the calories in all of the emotions you eat each day? How many calories of Fear do you eat each day?

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How many calories of self-doubt do you eat per day? And what about the jealousy? Jealousy you feel when you see a fit woman you work with or a fit woman on the street who looks like you want to look? How many calories are in the jealousy you’re stuffing down with the food?

You’ve probably never thought of this before and frankly I LOVE this topic of emotional calories! In my video I’ll share with you how I came up with this idea as well as share my excitement about it. So, watch my video for all of those details!

And, just imagine this…. if today you were eating food only when physically hungry, then what would you weigh?

How Many Emotional Calories Are You Eating Each Day - FearlessFatLossIf it were easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle, what could possibly stop you from dropping the fat and keeping it off? Keeping in mind that a healthy lifestyle can only be easy once you’ve healed the root of your emotional eating, because then you won’t have the urge to emotionally eat.

Watch this week’s new video and leave a comment below to share your biggest aha! Also share this post with your friends – it’s super simple using the social media buttons on this page. Your friends will thank you! I’m sure they’ve never considered how many emotional calories they are eating each day.

How To Stop Emotional Eating For Good

Would you love to end your emotional eating so that you stop eating all of those expensive, fatty, emotional calories each day? Would you love to make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle? Because you know if you could do that, then you wouldn’t have any problem dropping the fat!

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How Many Emotional Calories Are You Eating Per Day?