What If You Could Finally END Your Struggles With Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Yo-Yo Dieting and Any Other Unhealthy Behavior That Is Keeping You Stuck, Overeating, and Overweight?

  • Have you ever wondered why it is that you know WHAT you need to do to lose weight….but you’re not DOING it?
  • Do you feel even more frustrated than others you know since you are so successful professionally…BUT you cannot stop overeating, lose weight, and keep it off?
  • Does it make sense that based on your result over the years that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results with your weight that you’ve always got?

Sure, it’s true that your intellectual smarts have brought you great success in your business life, however you’ve still never been able to solve your lifelong struggles with food and your weight. The battle of the bulge wages on within you (and can be seen on the outside!) and your internal struggle continues to persist and nag at you in the background… no matter what else you accomplish in your life!

What If It’s Not Supposed to Be That Hard?

Belly Measuring TapeThe truth is…it’s not hard! That is, it’s struggle-free easy to drop the fat and keep it off once you have the simple, proven, step-by-step System that has already worked for others who came before you! Others who used to struggle like you consistently struggle now. The Proven, step-by-step System that leads you out of the pain and frustration of never achieving struggle-free permanent weight loss and maintenance. The System that leads you IN to the body of your dreams….without deprivation, willpower, or struggle. Once You Get A Weight Loss Mindset with The Inner Self Diet™ then you Make Weight Loss Easy For Yourself! Since it’s only your Mindset that is making weight loss so hard for you today! But don’t listen to me (even though I also used to struggle like you do today!). Listen to just a few of my awesome clients who took action with my proprietary, Proven, step-by-step System, The Inner Self Diet™ which is The Missing Key to Permanent Weight Loss. It’s how my coaching clients got A Weight Loss Mindset!

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” ~ Tony Robbins

Let’s see what Graduates of The Inner Self Diet have to say about their struggle-free weight loss results below! Or if you’d rather Listen to Audio Interviews with Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ then Click Here.

50 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I’ve lost 50 Pounds AND I’m Down THREE Sizes….all of this has been struggle-free.”

“Before I hired JoLynn as my mentor and coach I was frustrated by my inconsistent ability to do what I knew I must do in order to lose weight (in other words, to eat sensibility and exercise). I felt discouraged and I doubted that I could ever lose weight and keep it off.

Today after doing the steps in The Inner Self Diet to get a weight loss mindset, My Mindset is completely different; I have hope and the tools I need to accomplish my goals — not only weight loss, but all my goals. I’ve already released 50 pounds and am down 3 sizes, struggle-free.

I feel empowered and liberated. I feel I have an opportunity to live my life as it was meant to be lived. My new attitude towards life and weight makes losing weight something that is no longer adversarial and I have no shame about the decisions I have made in the past that contributed to my excess weight. Everything feels easier and natural to me, and many of the benefits were immediate!

My weight loss efforts are no longer a source of frustration for me. Food is not my enemy; it is my ally. It’s important to know that my transformations occurred from within, as a result of the Inner Self Steps I took and the Tools I acquired in JoLynn’s step-by-step coaching in The Inner Self Diet. It occurs internally first and the external follows.

The biggest transformation I received overall from this journey is that I am aware of things in a way that I was not aware of things before and I feel great most of the time. It is a positive experience and a lifelong approach to living.

The biggest surprise transformation for me was my attitude and how I feel about myself. It is very positive and freeing. Although my weight was the reason I initially chose to do this program, it is the benefits to all aspects of my life that will be the reason I stay on it.

If there was just one thing I would tell someone out there who right now is where I used to be prior to this journey it’s that I was skeptical!! Because I had tried everything else and nothing else had worked for me. I was about to give up on trying to lose weight altogether even though I knew that would be unhealthy for me. I was simply out of ideas and completely discouraged.

I learned that if you are willing to commit to JoLynn’s program and be open to the ideas you are exposed to in it, it has the potential to change your life — and your weight — in ways you cannot imagine in the mindset you are currently in. I cannot imagine anyone NOT being changed by JoLynn’s program for the better if they simply commit to it and follow it!”

~ Barb R., St. Paul, MN

P.S. The Inner Self Diet™ requires an investment and a time commitment that is real (makes sense, JoLynn is a professional coach) and it was the best investment in myself I have ever made. I am very grateful to JoLynn for the opportunity.”

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90 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I’ve lost 90 Pounds since you coached me in 2010 and I’ve Kept It Off. Keep changing lives JoLynn!”

2010: “No one would know that I’m ‘dieting’, because I’m not! I’ve changed my mindset and thinking and it’s all become an exciting part of the journey.” ~ Dave Y., Indianapolis, IN

UPDATE 2012: “I’m at 206, from the 296 we started at back when you coached me in 2010 through your step-by-step System. That’s 90 pounds and I’ve kept moving forward without struggle. That’s what really matters; I’ve done this without forcing myself or depriving myself. I now jog usually 5 days a week. Keep changing peoples lives!” ~ Dave

UPDATE 2015: “I’ve kept the 90 pounds off all these years. Thank you JoLynn. No struggle, no deprivation, I live a healthy lifestyle and the yo-yo dieting I used to struggle with is GONE. Keep changing peoples lives!” ~ Dave

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15 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

I’ve already lost a total of 15 lbs…without struggle or self-sabotage!!

“Back before I worked with JoLynn in her step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss The Inner Self Diet, I didn’t even realize I was in such an ongoing cycle of feeling bad. I was very critical and unkind to myself which made me feel bad, which caused me to comfort myself with food, for which I then criticized myself some more! It was a never ending battle with myself (I battled for 30 years with my weight!)

Today it feels like magic, although I DID Do JoLynn’s proven steps in The Inner Self Diet to get to this place where living healthy feels like magic.

I now realize that I can choose to be kind to myself and that when I am nice to myself I feel better and therefore am able to easily make better choices for myself and my body. All without struggle. This feels wonderful!!! I feel like Dorthy in Wizard of Oz who just realized that she always had the power to get what she wanted but she didn’t know it!

Now I love to exercise! I don’t see exercise as something that I HAVE to do but as something that I GET to do for myself. I actually crave more and more exercise. I started with 2 one hour tennis lessons and now spend at least six hours a week on the court. Additionally, I have just started Reformer Pilates and have rediscovered bike riding with my family.

My clothes definitely fit better. I have dropped about 6 lbs. so far (as of this writing) and I feel my body becoming more firm, and my cardio endurance has greatly improved.

My overall biggest transformation from this process is realizing that I have the power to define my own destiny! I have the power to do this all without struggle. And I get to do this all without struggle AND ENJOY the process. I have also been amazed that this “new” attitude has spilled over into all aspects of my life and I am just in a much happier place overall.

If there is one thing that I would share with someone who is battling right now like I used to that is that this is not yet another mainstream Food DIET plan; instead The Inner Self Diet addresses the thought process that is keeping you from getting fit and lean once and for all.”

~ M.G., San Antonio, Texas – Spiritual, Smart and Successful mother, wife, and Deliberate Manifestor of her own destiny!

UPDATE: JoLynn, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that things are going well. I am doing my Inner Self action steps only as needed and I find that I don’t need them very often because I am able to stay in a good place almost all of the time.

I continue to exercise without struggle and am feeling great about my self! I have released a total of 15lbs so far…all without struggle or self-sabotage. It has been the easiest that it has ever been for me. Yay ME!!! Thank you! ~ M.G.

Weight Loss Testimonial The Inner Self Diet | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I went from a size 10 to a size 9 and I’m STILL losing weight!”

“Why does working with JoLynn Braley work? It goes right to the core of yourself to release the physical and emotional weight from your body. It’s work and you have to be INVESTED in the Inner Self tools that she gives you. I did this and went from a size 10 to a size 9 and I’m STILL losing weight. But what I have learned with JoLynn goes beyond the weight loss; for the first time in my life, I have created a relationship with myself, I have learned how to get out of my own way and release my own fears. I am in alignment with ME.

This is not another food diet. JoLynn is a pro coach and her step-by-step weight-loss system The Inner Self Diet is more effective than therapy. I am so grateful to her. It’s okay to show your gross, disgusting underbelly. Because it’s safe.

Do this. Do The Inner Self Diet. INVEST in yourself.”  

~ Chrissy N. Salt Lake City, UT

10 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial The Inner Self Diet | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I went from Daily Despair to Joy & Freedom AND Have already lost 10 lbs.
I Feel Amazing!”

“Back before JoLynn mentored me through her step-by-step System to struggle-free weight loss The Inner Self Diet™ my biggest challenge was just getting through each day! I woke up with dread a lot of times and did not want to face the world let alone myself. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through life feeling the way I was feeling: in despair, in fear, and in depression. I felt like I was drowning. Emotionally and physically.

Today I feel joy and freedom! I feel as though the chains have been unlocked and now I’m free from my negative mindset and voices in my head (all of that past, negative self-talk). It feels amazing. I’m focused on feeling good but I’m thinner overall, my clothes fit more comfortably, and I’ve dropped 10 pounds so far! My chest size went down a cup, and my face is thinner. My emotions and mindset are my scale today!

I had a huge transformation, huge for me: I’m now comfortable listening to my body and to what it really needs in terms of how I move my body and how I fuel it.

The vicious cycle of weekend/nightly binges, fasting, “binge” exercise, diet pills, “cleanses” and endless ways to “drop the weight,” Is OVER.

Also OVER is the enjoyment (sarcasm!) of prepping for a colonscopy at age 31 and THAT was actually The Most Gentle Cleanse I had ever done to lose weight! But all of that maddening frenzy is DONE. Over! JoLynn’s course helped me achieve a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle struggle-free.

I enjoy chocolate and eating with my friends and family guilt-free and worry-free. An even bigger transformation I received from The Inner Self Diet™ is I’ve released the compulsive obsessive mindset when it comes to my body, food, and exercise, which actually extended to the other areas of my life.

The biggest surprise outcome I’ve received from this process is that the rest of my life is improving: I was expecting to improve my beliefs and mindset about my relationship with myself, my body, and food but I am very surprised that my beliefs and mindset regarding exercise, money/finances, friends, family, my job, and literally every aspect of my life (including every breath I take!) has been affected in a positive way. I’ve now had the confidence to start a new job, make new friends, become more social, and even earn more money!

If there was just one thing I would tell someone out there who right now is where I used to be (I lived with the struggle for 20 years!) it’s that You need to work with JoLynn. It will be the best investment you will ever make. I waited a year to enroll in her course after hearing about JoLynn and my life during that year just got worse because I thought I could do it on my own and needed no help. If there was ever a time to trust yourself to make this choice, then this would be the time. It’s OK to ask for help and even more OK to accept it!”

~ Laura S., Newark, NJ

P.S. I lived with the struggle for 20 years. I’m so happy that I can live my life the way I want in the way I deserve because I choose to (and I now have the Inner Self Tools to do so!) and am confident that I will be this way for the rest of my life. I’m so thankful for JoLynn and her proven system The Inner Self diet. I received so much more than I ever thought I would and am so appreciative to have had this life-changing experience. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

11 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial The Inner Self Diet | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I’ve Lost 11 pounds, ended my compulsion for McDonald’s and I Feel Great! Not even weight loss surgery could fix what JoLynn helped me fix.”

“My biggest challenge before taking action in JoLynn’s step-by-step proven coaching program was eating when stressed out from work or when I was bored, even when I was full.

Now I look at other people around me who are stressed and I don’t get involved in their stress. Since I don’t allow others’ stress to affect me I don’t have the need to eat to feel protected or comforted. I’m so much happier and more relaxed and calmer now it’s phenomenal. It’s an amazing difference. I’ve released 11 pounds and I feel good about that. It’s so nice that I now have the Inner Self Tools to notice if I’m starting to get stressed and control it. I’m obviously moving in the right direction!”

~ Laura H., Cooper City, FL

“P.S. I also used to crave McDonald’s all the time and eat breakfast there every single day. I don’t crave it anymore and I drive by it all the time! It’s a huge change! P.P.S. I had weight loss surgery and just like so many who have done it, weight loss sugery never help me fix what JoLynn’s coaching helped me fix. I recommend you hire JoLynn if you want to stop out of control cravings like I used to have for McDonald’s.

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20 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial The Inner Self Diet | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“My Binge Eating is Gone. I’ve lost 20 Pounds. It feels like a miracle!”

“Before working with JoLynn I was out of control with binge eating for over 30 years and saw no way to quit. I really didn’t understand that I could stop binge eating and I consider finding a solution to this problem to be a miracle.

Now I don’t binge. Furthermore I do not worry about going back to binge eating!

It feels like a miracle: I like myself, I like what I look like, I feel proud and I am grateful to myself for taking responsibility for myself. I am happy, and most importantly – I know how to make myself happy instantly without using food to do it.

I have also learned to stand up to my fears. I have learned to pay more attention to what I want rather than to what I am afraid of.

JoLynn I think that you are amazingly talented. You are so thorough and right on point. You are extremely organized. I appreciate the profound coaching that you gave to us during your course. Of course that excellence would not have been possible if you had not been scrupulously prepared. During our course I felt totally trusting of your insight regarding our path to freedom from fat.

Thank you JoLynn for relieving me of my suffering of binge eating! I did not think it was possible.

To anyone out there who is binge eating and can’t stop, JoLynn’s step-by-step coaching system (The Inner Self Diet) is the real thing. Do it NOW!”

~ Holly H., Smart, Strong, Action Taker! – Bucharest, Romania and USA

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50 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I Feel GREAT! ACCOMPLISHED! INSPIRED! And I’ve Lost almost 50 Pounds!”

“This journey with JoLynn as my coach has simply been amazing. I confronted real fears and concerns. JoLynn, you helped me see through a fog of fear to the other side where I don’t have to be scared to feel good about myself, about what I eat and most importantly about being my ideal weight. I feel, for the first time in my life that I am capable of achieving this weight loss goal that has eluded me all my life.

I feel GREAT! ACCOMPLISHED! and INSPIRED! with all the actions I have taken to date to help me achieve feeling good about myself and the process I am in, to lose weight with inspired action and feeling positive and loving about myself and my abilities. Thank you JoLynn!!”  

~ Lisa M. from Key West, FL.

“P.S. And, as a side bonus of this process, I’ve actually saved more money while taking this course and even took a plunge and invested in stocks for the first time in my life!”

UPDATE: “To update you on where I am at: I’ve lost almost 50 Pounds of fat since last year! Without struggle.

Thank you so much JoLynn for making an impact on my life!” ~ Lisa M.

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NOTE: JoLynn has been professionally coaching clients to struggle-free weight loss since 2009. When Lisa did the proven steps of JoLynn’s struggle-free weight loss coaching program it was named the Stop Hiding Behind The Fat process. JoLynn’s proven steps of her step-by-step proprietary coaching system today are found in The Inner Self Diet.

10 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I’m At my Desired Weight! My Life has Never Been More Abundant and Dynamic.”

“I came to JoLynn’s coaching wanting to permanently shed the notorious 10 pounds you gain your freshman year of college (and I’m over 40!).

After taking action with JoLynn’s step-by-step coaching system for struggle-free weight loss, I’m at my desired weight and supercharged to live a richer and more in action life.

WOW! With JoLynn’s coaching, I not only transformed my body but I changed some limiting beliefs that had held me back for years.

Now my thinking is so clear and my life has never been more abundant and dynamic.

If you want to make lasting and purposeful change, you’d be doing yourself a favor to work with JoLynn now. You are in for a treat that endures!”

~ Andrea G., Long Beach, CA

Struggle-free Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I am Losing Weight Easily! The Inner Self Diet has been Life Changing.”

“Before hiring JoLynn to coach me I was a yo-yo dieter. I could lose a lot of weight quickly and be feeling really great about myself and then I’d “somehow” gain it all back and then gain even more weight and feel really embarrassed, guilty and depressed. I was truly “hiding behind the fat” and wasn’t fully participating in life with joy and optimism.

After taking action with JoLynn’s step-by-step proven system she coached me through (The Inner Self Diet) I am happy with where I am now. I have the confidence that I will release all of the fat, I have a new perspective about my relationship with food, and I have learned how to eat without “dieting” and am losing weight easily!

I’ve learned how to trust myself and trust JoLynn’s program and I feel like a new person. My perspective not only with food but with my life has improved tremendously and I am grateful to JoLynn Braley for opening these doors in such a way that I know I will meet my end goal.

I also learned how to respect my body and myself again…and how to stop blaming others or my medical conditions for my weight and am now AWARE of what my body wants and needs and am happily eating well and exercising.

The biggest transformation I’ve had in this process is I no longer have the monkey chatter going 24/7 in my head!! I was aware of this chatter on and off, which was almost always on and filled with negative thoughts about myself, but I was never aware of how often it was going on and the damage it was doing. When I made the connection that I could learn to stop this chatter and turn it into a tool to help me lose weight it was life-changing!

If you are stuck in yo-yo dieting like I used to be the most important thing I want to tell you is, please stop beating yourself up. You are a beautiful person and deserve to have your ideal body – you just need to learn how to do it.

Invest in yourself and in this program JoLynn has created and if you do the work JoLynn coaches you through in The Inner Self Diet (yes, it takes work but you’re worth it!) then the doors to struggle-free weight loss will open for you.

This program (The Inner Self Diet) is not a food diet, it is better than that. The Inner Self Diet offers you the tools you will use for a lifetime. JoLynn helps you get you focused on what you really need to work on and does so in the best way possible – with your best life in mind.”

~ Chris S., Palm Coast, FL – Smart, spiritual, saavy woman in the arts and business

Struggle-free Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I Never Thought I Would Feel the Self-Peace I Feel Today…”

“Before working with JoLynn and her step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss (The Inner Self Diet), my biggest challenge was trying to drum up the motivation and inspiration for sticking to a diet plan. I’d been struggling with this for 33 years! Today I found it — all inside ME!

Weight loss doesn’t feel like the overwhelming struggle it once was. I truly enjoy choosing healthy food that my body wants and it does not feel forced. I see my body changing before my eyes.

I am smaller in size than I have been in five plus years! I feel GOOD making all these choices, they feel effortless, and I feel HEALED inside and “Peaceful.” I never thought I would feel the self-peace I feel today.

To anyone out there who feels like I used to, unmotivated and uninspired, I would tell them that there is something wonderful that they are missing out on! Something that is life changing; something that will give them that magical feeling they are looking for; something that will transform them into someone who truly wants to and knows they deserve to be the fit, trim, healthy person they seek. I would also add it is something so healing, so cathartic, and something so individualized that it will be their own magic. And, it could be right around the corner for them if they are willing to have JoLynn coach them. They will have to be ready to commit and have an open, ready mind.

I am forever grateful for this journey and for you, JoLynn. This makes me feel like I love myself more than I ever thought possible, that I am deserving of love more than I ever thought possible, and that I am deserving and I am open and accepting of my best Self and my best Life!

Thank you for moving my life and my weight loss into the direction I have always wanted to go by giving me the tools to do so. I am on that path that I never thought I would find. I am truly here. Thanks, JoLynn!! Thank you with all my heart!”

~ Kathleen S., Colorado – Smart, Spiritual, Successful woman in business

12 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I Don’t Feel Deprived at all, I’ve Lost 12 Pounds So Far, and I’m Really Really Loving Exercise!”

“Before working with JoLynn I didn’t really have a good grasp of what was right for my body and I had a hard time sticking with an eating or exercise plan for the long run. Now how I feel about exercise, it feels almost like a necessity. I’m really really loving to exercise and my body loves it, too. I know that I’m beginning to get a handle on how food feels in my body and I’m able to feel the portions of food much more acutely when my stomach is full or more than full.

I’ve released 12 pounds so far and it’s very helpful that I notice when I feel full. I’m getting used to the feeling of lightness and that’s what I want most of the time. I don’t feel deprived at all.

The most important thing I gained by doing my action steps throughout the process in The Inner Self Diet with JoLynn as my coach, is my recognition and acceptance of my love for the divine. I can trust it and that feels very good.”

~ J.P. Ohio – Spiritual, smart, highly successful woman in business.

Inner Self Diet Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I Am In Control of Me. I Feel Awesome!”

“Before working with JoLynn in her proprietary step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss (The Inner Self Diet) I was completely out of control with eating and my life. I ate foods that made me physically feel bad (I had a candy addiction!) and then I emotionally felt bad. I did this over and over again day in day out.

I was overwhelmed by all the “do this!” and “don’t do that!” advice on weight loss, and overwhelmed by my life.

I had struggled for over 20 years with food and my weight and today I am in control of what I eat and how I feel. I learned exactly how to choose what I eat based on how it will make me feel as well as exactly how to pay attention to me, to my body and my emotions.

My clothes are much looser and more comfortable now and my body is more firm too. I feel awesome about my results and about Me!

The biggest transformation I received from this journey was that in my past I used to exercise only due to sheer force, and this happened rarely. Now, it is a real treat to myself and something that I love to do. I feel great moving my body and treating my body well. This is a huge surprise to me because I never ever thought I would be one of “those people” who like to exercise!

Overall my biggest life shift from this process is that I now feel a sense of calm and control that I haven’t in years.This goes far beyond weight loss.

If you feel out of control with your eating and your life like I used to the best thing I can tell you is to trust JoLynn’s Process. It works!”

~ Heather S., Columbus, Ohio. Smart and conscious wife, mother, and new business owner!

20 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial The Inner Self Diet | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“Hello Beautiful! I’ve gotten rid of more than 20 pounds of excess fat and overall Life Is Lighter.”

“Before working with JoLynn and her step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss my biggest challenge was to truly believe that I deserve and CAN and will have my ideal body. There were a lot of excuses and I would prove myself right by losing and gaining the same weight over and over again–it was exhausting!

Today I take full responsibility for all the choices I make (and enjoy the process!) and truly know in my heart, mind and soul that I deserve and I am on my way to living in my ideal body and know that once I get there I will stay there.

I feel lighter. My mind, body and soul are lighter and I feel excited and empowered that I am making it happen! I look at the scale differently. I look at myself differently–when I pass a mirror I say HELLO BEAUTIFUL! and SMILE! I am more accepting of myself more than I ever have been and am in love with the amazing person that I am and all the potential that I have and will fulfill in my lifetime!

I have gotten rid of more than 20 pounds of excess fat from my body! My blood pressure is better along with my medication decreasing! I am moving my body and loving and enjoying it! I am excited to see all the ways it will transform and all the activities I will get to participate in!

Overall, life is lighter. I am more at peace with myself and have this new found confidence that was always there now it just seems more natural. I have this authentic and positive outlook now and for my future and acknowledge that I have put in a lot of work to get to where I am today by my choices.

To anyone who is where I used to be, using excuses and feeling exhausted by the up and down weight gains, I say Trust yourself and know in your heart, mind and soul that you deserve to do the things you know you need to do in order to get where you dream of going. YOU ARE WORTH IT and only YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN–it’s all your choice.”

~ Anna D., Oak Lawn Illinois – Smart, spiritual, highly successful career woman!

Inner Self Diet Struggle-free Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“It’s Been Above and Beyond My Expectations, For Sure!”

“Effortless, fun, inspired action that feels great. It’s NOT about my weight and it’s NOT about the food. Alignment with my ideal body is what I’m focused on, and it’s been a wonderful journey.

If you are truly looking for a coach and ready to invest in your future regarding your weight goals then I’d suggest JoLynn’s coaching program (The Inner Self Diet).

JoLynn has provided me with lots of tools and the inspiration to move forward. Working with her has created a sense of well-being for me that I’ve never experienced before. Her intuition is Spot-On, all the time!

JoLynn’s coaching has aligned me with the body I’m creating and with other areas of my life (spouse and career) which were never in my intentions at the onset of this journey (in The Inner Self Diet).

Invest in yourself, trust that what you’re seeking is available, and contact JoLynn! It’s been above and beyond my expectations, for sure!”

~ Maddie C. from Maine

35 Pound Struggle-Free Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

Over 35 Pounds Gone. Food & My Weight are Struggle-Free!”

“Before JoLynn coached me through her step-by-step System to permanent weight loss (The Inner Self Diet) my biggest challenges were Binge eating, morbid obesity, and a never ending cycle of abusing my body with food.

I was feeling really bad about myself because I couldn’t get this thing with food and my weight right. I could get the rest of my life right, just not this.

Today food and my weight are struggle free for me.

Today I don’t feel obsessed with foods. I am able to stop eating once my body feels satisfied, and I am able to savor and enjoy some of my favorite foods. I know how to handle uncomfortable feelings without turning to food!

On top of those huge changes I now feel completely accountable for the results in my life. I know how to handle uncomfortable feelings and I take full responsibility for what I contribute to my relationships. I feel like I have turned into the person I have always wanted to be. I am a person who takes care of herself and her feelings. 

It feels good to move along without any struggle around food and exercise. It feels really good to take care of myself.

I’ve been consistently working out for the last 8 months plus! It has been fun and struggle free.

If there is one thing I’d say to a woman who right now is where I used to be, that is this: While I have always been focused on continuous improvement, I have seen the greatest results from investing in myself and hiring a coach. After working with JoLynn this is the most consistent I have ever been. I’ve released over 35 pounds! Losing that 35 pounds has been struggle-free.”

~ P.C. Philadelphia, PA – Smart, spiritual, highly successful woman in business.

Struggle-free Weight Loss Testimonial | Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley | FearlessFatLoss.com

“I Feel REALLY Good!”

I feel really good about totally shifting what I’m eating, doing more exercise, more movement.

It makes me feel good about my body, it makes me feel good about my life, and The Inner Self Diet has made me feel good about where I’m going with my life.”

~ Anne B., Colorado

“I Feel Liberated! Nothing Is Holding Me Back. I Feel Wonderful!”

“Back before I worked with JoLynn I’d been struggling with my weight for over 30 years. The funny thing is I noticed I felt afraid to be thin but I was never able to break free of that fear on my own.

Today I feel wonderful. Amazing! I am no longer afraid and for the first time in my life I look forward to being slim. Also for the first time in my life I love to exercise!!!!!

There’s no more struggle, or fear.

Nothing holding me back.

I feel liberated.

The biggest transformation I’ve had regarding my weight is I’ve stopped the cycle of being frustrated in myself – that always stopped me from losing weight. But not anymore. That’s all gone now.

Even bigger is the shift in my LIFE: I feel so much more confidence, confidence in just being calm, in just being me. This is a huge shift from my old self of always “doing” just for the sake of “doing”. I now feel good Being ME. Very happy. I feel like I can do anything, but that I don’t have to do everything!

If you are stuck in struggle like I used to be the one thing I share with you is there IS a way to become unstuck from where you are right now. It just takes focused practice to think and act differently and I learned all of that from JoLynn’s step-by-step process (The Inner Self Diet).

The Inner Self Diet worked for me so it can work for you!

~ Stacey M. from Maryland – Smart, successful wife, mom and decisive action taker

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“Life Is So Much Better Now…”

JoLynn helped me release a phobia I had since I was 5 years old that felt like a huge weight on me my entire life. Here I am, a highly successful, middle-aged woman who was still held back by a debilitating fear all because of an incident in my childhood! In only 45 minutes with JoLynn my entire life turned right side up from being upside down with that childhood fear I’d been carrying around. I am still so amazed to this day and I feel psychically relieved of a Huge Weight, released of my lifelong fear. I am so grateful for JoLynn helping me gain freedom of my deep rooted fear so that I could release that huge weight from myself and no longer live in the fear. Life is so much better now. Thank you JoLynn!”

~ Gemma Vestal, Geneva Switzerland

“JoLynn Blew Me Away with Her Perceptiveness and Her Gentle Ability…”

“I mentor many, many coaches, so I find it gets harder and harder to find a coach for myself who can give me a fresh perspective. I’m not an easy client. JoLynn blew me away with her perceptiveness and her gentle ability to steer me to new possibilities.

It was such a RELIEF to work with someone who could really tune in to where I was at, and articulate it in a way I could use.”

~ Morgana Rae, the creator of Financial Alchemy, www.abundanceandprosperity.com