Christmas Gift to Yourself of Permanent Weight Loss | Fearless Fat Loss

Wow, this week there were four more exceptional women who became Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™! Congratulations to each and every one of them!!

This means that there are even more exceptional women who are now living with struggle-free permanent weight loss.

Why? Because they did all of the steps in the proven, step-by-step system I founded, which is The Inner Self Diet™. Therefore they each experienced a core, Inner Transformation that has made them a match on the Inside to the body they always wanted on the outside.

Once you do that then it’s easy to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. There’s no more struggle!

Just imagine…what would that be like for YOU if you no longer had to fight between that part of your Inner Self that continues to overeat, stuff, binge, and eat even more, and the other part of your Inner Self that does want to lose weight? If you no longer had to struggle and fight against your own worst enemy (YOU!) then what could possibly stop you from losing weight and keeping it off?!

Additionally the Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™ have all of the Inner Self Tools needed to continue to feed their mind before they feed their body so that they can maintain their mindset. For life! It just takes specific action and they now know exactly which steps to take.

With a weight loss mindset it’s not only easy to lose weight it’s also easy to maintain it. Once you’ve reached your ideal body weight then your mindset transitions to a Fit Mindset, since my clients certainly aren’t interested in continuing to lose weight forever!

Perhaps you can relate: Do you really want to continue to Lose Weight Forever?? Which actually, that’s what you’re already doing, isn’t it. You can lose weight but then you always regain it, and then lose, regain, lose, regain….it’s that never-ending hamster-wheel-o-struggle with your weight. Not any fun!

To listen in immediately to what Julie has to say about struggle-free permanent weight loss, a Result of her weight loss mindset, simply click the Play button on the audio player now!

What if instead you were to take care of the Ninety Percent of the problem? That’s your MINDSET. Then the Ten Percent would be easy. What’s the 10%? Well that’s diet and exercise! Diet and exercise is a lonely Ten Percent of the solution to lasting success with your weight.

Conversely, it’s only ten percent of your ongoing problems of struggle with your weight. That’s why mainstream diet and exercise programs have never given you struggle-free permanent success!

She Got A Weight Loss Mindset – So Can YOU!

Now let’s hear from Julie, one of the very recent Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™.

Julie not only shared a written testimonial to help YOU get inspired and share in her success but she also recorded an audio testimonial with me!

She did this because she has a message for you, since she used to be where you are today! Julie used to feel depressed and hopeless about her weight. Today though, she is happy about each new day and she literally does a “Happy Dance” each morning! You’ll hear her talk about that in her audio testimonial.

To cut right to the chase Julie shared that this was the best Christmas present she could ever give herself. What’s the gift? She gave herself the gift of struggle-free, permanent weight loss! How did she do that? She did that by stepping up for herself and enrolling in The Inner Self Diet™.

Even more specifically, Julie gave herself the Gift that never stops giving: A Weight Loss Mindset. She gave herself the gift of totally turning her mindset around through my mentoring and all of the steps in The Inner Self Diet™. It’s the Mindset she now has that is giving her the struggle-free permanent weight loss.

Her new weight loss mindset will continue to pay her back each day of her life, positively impacting each area of her life. Just like today your F.A.T. Mindset is impacting your life negatively in all areas, rather than being isolated ONLY to your weight issues.

Why is this? It’s because your mindset is not like a coat you can take off and hang in the closet whenever you feel fed up and frustrated with yourself! Instead your mindset goes with you EVERYWHERE. So, if you have an F.A.T. Mindset filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts (a perfect match to a Fat Body!) then that F.A.T. Mindset goes everywhere with you! You cannot take it off and hang it up, not even for an hour!

On the other hand, when you have a weight loss mindset then THAT mindset goes with you everywhere. Not only does it make weight loss struggle-free for you, but also it gives you the Inner Peace, Joy, and Self-Confidence you’ve always wanted. Those wonderful feelings that no matter how much food you eat…none of that food takes away your longstanding fears and insecurities. Instead it just gives you even more problems to feel bad about (not fun!!).

However, once you have a weight loss mindset, that mindset positively impacts your relationships, your business life (which directly impacts your finances!) and of course your health and fitness is impacted. Even your connection to your spiritual source, your level of belief, hope and faith…that area of your life is also impacted!

Just like Julie shared in her audio feedback, there is No Area that is left untouched by your mindset. Whether you have an F.A.T. Mindset, which is full of Fear Attracting Thoughts, or a Weight Loss Mindset. Either mindset touches all areas of your life.

So then, what is The Solution when you have an F.A.T. Mindset? The Solution is Inner Self Diet™! But don’t take my word for it, listen to Julie! Those are actually her words, and you’ll hear her tell you in the audio below that The Solution to your weight issues is exactly what she did when she gave herself the best Christmas present ever. The gift of a weight loss mindset that keeps on giving!

Again though, don’t listen to me, listen to her!

Simply click the Play Button on the audio player above to hear Julie tell it to you straight, in her own words.

How Can YOU Get Struggle-Free Weight Loss from A Weight Loss Mindset?

If you’ve just finished listening to Julie’s amazing weight loss success story then I know how inspired you must feel! And wouldn’t YOU love to have the struggle-free weight loss Results that Julie is living?!

If you are an exceptional woman like Julie is, then you DO have some good things going in your life (your business life is going well and you know how much better it could be if you could finally solve your biggest challenge with your weight since your MINDSET would also impact your business life!). Even with the good though, it doesn’t matter how many things you’ve done, you’ve never permanently solved your ongoing weight problems.

Therefore, if you are Serious about finally leaving your never-ending food and weight struggles behind you just like Julie did, then here’s your next step:

Click Here to start your application process for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session! This is the same first step that Julie took and it’s why she could share all of her Results with you on the audio you just heard. If she had never taken the first step then you definitely would not have heard her speak about her inspiring transformation!

What in the world are you waiting for? Only your F.A.T. Mindset filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts can hold you back now. And it will! If you allow your Fears to stop you.