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A Weight Loss Mindset Impacts ALL Areas of your Life and Body!

When my clients invest in themselves to hire me as their mentor and permanent weight loss coach they want to make weight loss the easiest thing for them to do. They realize that 90% of all success (or failure!) is created by their Mindset so they are excited to learn exactly how to create A Weight Loss Mindset.

To finally make weight loss easy for themselves!

These are exceptional women (and a few cool men!) who are smart, spiritual, and already successful. Successful in their work life, but not with their weight.

They may even be successful in their relationship or marriage, but at minimum they do have success in their life with their work and business life.

What this means however, is that they feel even more frustrated that they have never been able to solve their problems with their weight! They feel even more frustrated because they ARE so smart intellectually and they have the successful life to show for it…but their food and weight struggles continue on.

A Weight Loss Mindset Lives In Your Inner Self

When learning exactly how to create a Weight Loss Mindset my clients learn that it’s not about their intellectual smarts (if their smarts could have solved their weight struggles they would have done that years ago!) but instead it’s all about their Inner Self, which is where their Mindset “lives”!

When they transform their Inner Self through my step-by-step proven System to a weight loss mindset, this transformation touches every single area of their life causing transformations which go far beyond the easiest transformation of weight  loss!

Their relationships, finances, spiritual connection, and of course their bodily health all shift. There is no area of their life that is not touched by their new mindset and their new Inner Self because their Inner Self (and therefore the behaviors that match) goes with them everywhere!

A Transformation that Makes Weight Loss Look Like the Easiest Thing to Do!

What I have to share with you now is even more exciting, IF you value your Life.

Yes! Your Life. Just imagine, if you did not have a heart beating successfully in your chest right now then you would not Have the Life to read this article, would you?!

Which brings me to today’s outstanding client success story, a success story from “Kasey”.

NOTE: My client asked that I not use her real name when sharing this particular transformation of hers as it is very close to her heart (no pun intended), therefore I am using the name “Kasey” to refer to my permanent weight loss coaching client. At the time of this writing I have not had a coaching client with the specific name of “Kasey” so my client’s privacy concerns are being respected.

A LIFE Transformation Of The Heart

For the past 10 years Kasey has had a serious heart condition. Serious meaning that she was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat and has been dealing with that for 10 years. Kasey stated that in just the past year she has been to the emergency room 2-3 times where they used paddles on her chest to convert her heart’s rhythm back to normal (very serious business).

Since beginning the journey through my step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss (The Inner Self Diet™) Kasey has returned to her doctor who has been monitoring her heart condition and he asked her the most astounding question: “Have you been taking other medication that I have not prescribed to you? Because your condition is gone.”

The answer is No, she hasn’t been taking other medication, except for the Mindset Prescription found in the Inner Self Tools she’s been using to get a weight loss mindset!

Yes! It’s no joke that 90% of success in any area of your life is ALL about your mindset. And YES! The MIND leads the Body. Always.

So what exactly has Kasey been doing to get this amazing health Result? A Result that goes so far beyond weight loss (Oh! She’s lost weight, too!) that it makes weight loss look like the very simplest thing to do?!

Here are her words:

“Since I began working with you, I have not experienced any episodes requiring an emergency room visit and my blood pressure has remained well within normal ranges. Although I continue to monitor my heart with followup medical care and receive ongoing medical supervision, my health has been much improved and I have been incident free — and I attribute that to changes in my lifestyle and health habits brought about by your program. Thank you.”

To me, this transformation makes perfect sense. But this is the work that I do and I am extremely familiar with the laws of this Universe and the fact that what you have created in your body is YOUR creation. Which is exciting, even if you’ve created 90 pounds of excess fat! (an example from Dave, another awesome client!)

Since YOU created your bodily conditions, consciously or unconsciously, then you can make the conscious decision now to learn exactly how to change it without struggle. Get a Weight Loss Mindset and it will be easy to drop that 90 pounds of fat.

Yes, this transformation of Kasey’s is very easy to see in my eyes because of the fact that whatever you manifest in your body is a direct result of your Inner Self. Here’s an even easier way to understand this: When Kasey told me of her transformation I was inspired to share with her the metaphysical cause of heart problems from Louise Hay’s Little Blue Book.

Louise Hay outlined all of the dis-eases in the body that manifest as a Result of your Inner Self – your thoughts, beliefs, patterns, emotions, everything that you create and DO to yourself on the inside. The Inner always will manifest a match in the Outer, in the physical.

Here’s what I shared with Kasey from Louise Hay’s Little Blue Book when she told me of her outstanding improvement with her 10-year irregular heartbeat:

Heart Problems, page 39: Probable Cause – “Longstanding emotional problems. Lack of Joy. Hardening of the heart. Belief in strain and stress”.

Kasey resonated with this completely as that was where she Used to be, prior to working with me. As a Result of my Inner Self Tools she has been using to create a weight loss mindset to release her lifelong struggles with food and her weight (which directly impact and shift Mindset, thoughts, emotions, etc. etc.) she has shifted the Heavy Weight of emotional strain she had been carrying around! Which in turn directly impacted her heart…

This Makes Weight Loss Look Trivial!

It seems somewhat trivial now to share with you that Kasey has also lost weight (well over 10 pounds so far, struggle-free!) after sharing her most important transformation with her heart. To no longer live with regular emergency room trips to “paddle her back” to a regular heart rhythm….Wow, we just can’t make these transformations up!

But of course when you know that the body is a direct representation of your Inner Self then you are also aware that your organs are a part of that representation. It’s not as if your fat cells are isolated from the rest of your body and would be the only part that is impacted by how you think, believe, and feel each and every day.

Live a life filled with stress, anxiety and fear and sure, if you’re an emotional eater you’ll pack on the pounds. Quickly! The rest of your body is also impacted however, not just your “bottom line” (i.e.: the size of your butt and thighs).

There is more at stake than only how you look, AND there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a deep desire to look great while living healthy with well-being. A Weight Loss Mindset covers it all.

Your First Step:

To take the first step towards getting Results like my client “Kasey” is living click here to start the process of applying for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. It’s the same first step Kasey took to get the Life and Body Results she is living today!