She Did It So Can You | FearlessFatLoss.comHere’s an extremely inspiring story for you today. It’s from Kathleen in Colorado, a Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™.

But why is this story so special? After all, you’ve probably already read the wonderful feedback from other Graduates, yes?

Perhaps you’ve even listened to the audio interviews with some of the inspiring Graduates of The Inner Self Diet™?

So then, what’s different about Kathleen?

What’s different and what’s exciting about Kathleen is that she graduated The Inner Self Diet™ over a year ago!

This means that she has been living with a weight loss mindset and the Inner Self Tools to maintain that mindset for over a year.

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Why this is so exciting is that Kathleen is proof that:

  1. Once you get a weight loss mindset you can maintain it.
  2. Once you have the Tools to maintain your mindset you can do it.
  3. A weight loss mindset does give the result of struggle-free permanent weight loss.
  4. A weight loss mindset is not a “one trick pony”, it’s with you for life, if you choose it to be!
  5. YOU can also do what Kathleen has done, because if there is just one person on this planet who has ever done what YOU want to do, then YOU can also do it. (Simplest way to do that is to do the same steps that they did.)

Those are only my words though. Let’s here from Kathleen herself!

To listen in immediately to what Kathleen has to say about struggle-free permanent weight loss (a Result of her weight loss mindset!) simply click the Play button on the audio player now!

She Got Struggle-free Permanent Weight Loss (Yay!) It’s Possible!

Kathleen updated me recently on her results after graduating The Inner Self Diet™ over a year ago.

Here are the highlights of the audio interview with Kathleen from Colorado. A very inspiring Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™.

  • Kathleen struggled for 33 years with food and her weight.
  • It was a roller coaster ride with emotional eating.
  • She had gotten to a good weight several times but was unable to maintain it.
  • She did not know how to get out of the emotional eating mindset.
  • Others around her were stuck in emotional eating, too.
  • Since she’s done the course (The Inner Self Diet™) Things Have Only Gotten Better!
  • Kathleen did the steps in The Inner Self Diet™ and has continued to use them.
  • She felt completely changed at the end of the course and now she feels even better!
  • “I’m a completely different person than I was before the course.”
  • She looks at emotional eating completely different and she no longer has a struggle with it.
  • 19 pounds gone, struggle-free.
  • She lost the 19 pounds without deprivation.
  • Everyone has their own individual miracles (as a result of The Inner Self Diet™).
  • She absolutely would not have gotten to where she is without JoLynn’s mentoring (and The Inner Self Diet™).
  • It felt like many miracles were happening along the way, and they have continued.
  • This (The Inner Self Diet™) is so completely different from anything else that is out there. This is completely life changing.
  • This course Reveals the real person underneath the layers of weight.
  • In the past Kathleen would make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight every year, prior to doing The Inner Self Diet™. Sometimes she would lose weight but she could never maintain it.
  • Kathleen asked for a solution to her ongoing food and weight struggles and she did not believe that it was possible. But she got it!
  • She did not think that anyone out there could give her the transformation she got (with The Inner Self Diet™ and JoLynn’s coaching).
  • She thought she’d always be stuck, now her clothes are falling off of her, she was stuck at a size 12, now she’s wearing a loose size 10 in her jeans.
  • It’s hard for her to put it into words but she feels like a better person. Every day seems like a transformation all over again.

Kathleen’s Message to YOU:

Kathleen struggled for 33 years with up and down weight losses and weight gains as well as emotional eating. She Knows what you are going through right now, and she knows how frustrated you feel.

She also knows what it’s like to think that maybe no one can ever help you. That maybe it’s not possible to really get what you want: Release from your ongoing struggles with food and your weight!

On the audio Kathleen also shared some feedback Just For YOU. You who is smart and successful (in your work life, not with your weight) and would love to have the results that Kathleen is living today.

Results like the fact that she had no struggle with food or her eating during the holiday season. She’s amazed but not surprised that she did not even notice that until I asked her about it (this is all on the audio). She was excited about her physical changes, getting out there to ski when in the past she never would have done that due to worry, and more.

Kathleen also likes Weight Watchers and what is completely different for her today is her mindset. Without her new mindset (another result of the steps of The Inner Self Diet™) she was never able to lose the weight and keep it off.

She feels like a completely different person, and here’s what she says to YOU:

“I completely understand your struggle and hesitation and your thought that you don’t think there’s something out there that can get you where you want to be in life (and your body).

I had the same issues. I wrote to JoLynn as a challenge stating that I wanted something that was so incredibly life changing that I’d never have to look back and it would change me forever.

She told me she could do that for me if I was willing to step up for myself and do the steps.

She came through with what she said she was going to do. I feel completely changed now.

I did the steps. It’s doable and it feels so good.

I feel completely different. Completely changed.”


Listen to Kathleen yourself! Click the Audio Player below for immediate access.

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Notice how calm Kathleen sounds. This is what KNOWING sounds like. She does not need to convince anyone of anything. She just IS. She lives struggle-free with food and her body now, without deprivation, struggle, or force.

Your Next Step:

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Is Struggle-Free Permanent Weight Loss Possible? She Says Yes (Even One Year Later!)