Eating Out of Boredom | Fearless Fat LossDo you often eat out of boredom when you’re not even physically hungry?

How easy would it be for you to lose weight if you could end your emotional eating?

If you could, would you love to be able to stop all emotional eating and eat only when you are physically hungry?

How easy would it be for you to Keep Off the weight you would lose, if you no longer ate because of your emotions?

Well here’s something exciting:

It is one hundred percent possible to end all of your emotional eating and here’s  a success story to inspire you! You see, Kathy is doing it right now!

She Stopped Eating Out Of Boredom (So Can YOU!)

Kathy is a current permanent weight loss coaching client I am working with and she’s already stopped eating out of boredom (we’re not even halfway done with all of the steps yet)!

Yes, that’s right! Yesterday Kathy shared her inspiring successes on our coaching call for The Inner Self Diet™. (The Inner Self Diet™ is my proprietary proven step-by-step system to permanent weight loss through a weight loss mindset)

Here are a few of her successes she shared!

  • She’s stopped eating out of boredom.
  • She forgot to eat “per the clock” like she used to (she wasn’t hungry!).
  • Her whole attitude about food is different.
  • She feels so good about not having to run to food anymore.
  • She’s feeling Happy,
  • Lighter,
  • Content,
  • Encouraged,
  • Empowered,
  • Blessed, and
  • Delighted!!

Please give Kathy a huge round of applause for all of her successful Results she’s getting!

How Is She Doing It?

If you’re wondering exactly how Kathy is getting these results, when for most of her life she was an emotional eater, here’s what she is doing:

  1. Kathy is Taking Action. Kathy is doing all of the daily action steps I give her to do in  from my proprietary, proven, step-by-step System The Inner Self Diet™.That’s right! She isn’t just listening to me and collecting information. Instead she is implementing all of the tools and exercises I am mentoring her through so that she can be in control of her own mind and emotions.Once you master your mindset and you know how to feel good no matter what, then what reason would you have to use food to feel better


  1. Kathy is Transforming her Inner Self. With each Inner Self daily action step Kathy takes she is transforming herself on the inside. Why does this matter since weight loss is on the outside?Kathy (like most today who struggle consistently with their weight) already knows how to eat healthy and exercise. The problem was that she was not able to DO it before we met. And that’s an issue with your Inner Self. So…the way it works is that once you transform on the Inside to match up with the body you want on the Outside, then it’s easy for you to take the consistent action to lose weight and keep it off. After all, weight loss in an of itself is not hard. But you must DO it. The Doing becomes easy once you have a weight loss mindset on the inside.


  1. Kathy is Getting a Weight Loss Mindset. It’s your Mind that leads your body. Always. If you are like Kathy and you already know how to live a healthy lifestyle but you aren’t Doing it, then once you get a weight loss mindset (a real one, not just surface positive thinking!) then you too, will stop emotional eating.Get a weight loss mindset and it will be easy for you to do all of the healthy behaviors you already KNOW would be good for your body, but you just aren’t able to follow through on and Do today. (Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t know exactly why you can’t follow through on your own – it’s all a part of your current mindset.)

What About YOU?

How would YOU feel if you were to gain full freedom from emotional eating?

If you’d love to get the Results that Kathy is living (and she’s not even done yet with The Inner Self Diet™!) so that you can end your emotional eating, eat only when physically hungry, lose weight, keep it off and feel GOOD about yourself again, then here’s a step you can take in that direction:

Click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. It’s the same first step that Kathy took to get to where she is today!