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Do you feel annoyed when you hear a skinny woman say that it’s not about the weight but it’s about the peace of mind and freedom from your food obsessions?

Do you feel annoyed when you hear a skinny woman say that it’s not about the weight but it’s about the peace of mind and freedom from your food obsessions?

Are you constantly looking for Fast Fat Loss, how you can lose 20 pounds in a week, but if you ever succeed at Fast Fat Loss you always regain the weight?

Would you give your left arm to gain total freedom from your food and weight obsessions because it’s such a drag to live like that?

If you answered YES to all of the above then you’re going to LOVE the interview with Sophia, a recent Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™. She’s a very inspiring success story, especially to me because I am so impressed with her.

Why? Because Sophia was just 19 years old when she stepped up for herself in a big, bold way to enroll in The Inner Self Diet™ journey to permanent struggle-free weight loss. Today she’s 20 years old.

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Why is this so impressive? Because it’s a BIG DEAL! Most who are that age are running around chasing the next new mainstream diet craze, those diets that tell you what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and you can’t stand it, much less stick with it!

That’s what I was doing when I was Sophia’s age. But not Sophia! She made the decision that she was NOT going to live a life filled with that annoying struggle with food (she’d been trying to control food since she was 12 years old) and she valued herself enough to say “enough it enough!”.

She knew she couldn’t do it alone though (she would have already done it if that were the case) and she also knew she had to get to the bottom of her struggle, which hardly anyone can do alone (you just don’t know what you don’t know – too many inner blind spots).

Let’s take a look at Sophia’s Success!

Jump right in and Listen to Sophia tell you all about it in her own words! []

This is a wonderfully honest interview with Sophia – she doesn’t hold back!

She’s The Skinniest She’s Been In Two Years – Struggle-Free!

Here’s a brief list of highlights from Sophia’s interview:

In The Past Before The Inner Self Diet™

  • She was struggling for a long time
  • She was in a “not so great” place
  • She felt overweight for the past 6 years
  • But she had been struggling and trying to control food since she was a little kid (for 7 or 8 years) since she was 12 years old, thinking “If I eat this, this will happen”
  • She was not feeling optimistic about her future when having this struggle in her life
  • Her struggles with food and her weight were was impacting all areas of her life in a negative way
  • Her struggle was an eleven year old problem
  • Even when she was still thin she was always on a diet

She didn’t understand people who could eat Just One Cookie

  • Sophia thought that there was “something going on” when she noticed clearly that she had the desire to eat 20 cookies in a row
  • She realized this wasn’t really “right”

Today, After Sophia’s Transformation in The Inner Self Diet™

  • It’s totally different (It being food, exercise, all of it)
  • Now Sophia understands the people who only want to eat a few bites of something
  • Before she’d have anxiety about that, and about food
  • Today food is fuel instead of being an obsession
  • She goes to the gym every day
  • She has a lot of fun at the gym
  • In the past she would go through phases of working out for a few weeks but then she’d stop – it felt like it was something she was forced to do
  • It’s Easy for Sophia to go to the gym – she enjoys it (!) and stays there for two hours, because she likes being there (she doesn’t work out for two hours per day)
  • Before she had a small part of herself that did like working out but there was so big of an attachment of negative emotion to it, and today she fully enjoys it!
  • It’s easy for her. It’s something she likes to do.

She would not be able to recognize herself today if she was looking at herself from the past

About Sophia’s Transformation in The Inner Self Diet™

  • She thought the way it would work was that she’d be able to easily eat healthy but that she’d be fighting the chocolate cake.
  • Instead she just doesn’t want the cake now, and she wants the healthy food. It’s not hard.

In The Past it was easier to choose being overweight!

  • In the Past it was so exhausting to try so hard to make the right choices. It was easier to choose being overweight.
  • You can’t just diet yourself to where you want to be because you’ll probably be miserable doing it.
  • It’s not hard, you don’t feel the inner battle going on (with The Inner Self Diet™)

Tired of reading? Why not just listen to Sophia tell you all about it in her own words. Just click the Play button now! []

Sophia was Cynical in the beginning

It was hard for her to let herself believe that this would work because she didn’t want to be disappointed.

  • It was hard for her to hear the testimonials of people who talked about how easy it was because she couldn’t relate.
  • She had hope 
  • She wanted to want to believe it would work
  • During the journey (in The Inner Self Diet™) she was waiting for some kind of magical step, and while she was doing the steps, the transformation slid in under the radar! (LOL)
  • What you really want is the peace of mind.

About Your Search for Fast Fat Loss – She Used to Think the Same Way

  • She used to think the same way – lose weight now, lose 20 pounds in a week
  • If you would have just done this program years ago you would have already been in your ideal body years ago
  • You don’t have to lose weight in a month or in 3 days, it just has to happen.

The is the skinniest I’ve been in 2 years

  • I’m steadily losing weight.
  • About the “Can I lose 20 pounds by next week” search – The peace of mind is what you’re really after. 
  • You think you want to lose weight to feel good but if you already feel good then losing weight is the secondary benefit. 
  • The weight is coming off.

Her biggest surprise transformation

  • Her apartment used to be like a hoarding situation
  • She used to stay in her apartment and order delivery food and watch movies
  • Now she’s got a daily to do list, she gets her things done, she goes to bed early (a big change),
  • Her apartment is organized, everything is simple for her now.

You can’t put a price on it. To release your food obsessions and to achieve happiness.

She would have gone into indentured servitude if she’d known she would have gotten the result that she has today.


If you haven’t listened to Sophia’s interview yet then simply click the Play button now to listen in. This is an extremely honest interview, don’t miss out!


After you listen to Sophia’s interview leave a comment with your biggest Aha you gained from Sophia’s total honesty, as well as her inspiring success!

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She’s The Skinniest She’s Been In Two Years – Struggle-Free!