If you could lose weight struggle-free then does it make sense that nothing would stand in your way any longer? Well she’s lost 8 pounds struggle-free and she’s still going! The latest update in January 2017 is that Shannon has now lost a total of 15 pounds struggle-free. Very exciting!

What’s interesting is that she shares in her video that if I had told her in the beginning that she could have the results she is living today, then she would not have believed me. Isn’t that interesting? Her transformation is so profound that she wouldn’t have been able to believe she could have the struggle-free freedom that she’s living today. What’s even more interesting is that Shannon was an emotional eater but she didn’t realize this before The Inner Self Diet. Very interesting!

She’s Lost 8 Pounds Struggle-Free and She’s Still Going

Watch Shannon’s video to get her very thorough sharing about her experience and her results from The Inner Self Diet. You’ll even see that Shannon has her notes with her! That’s how serious she was about making sure she shared as much as she could in her video to help inspire you. Shannon wants you to know that there IS hope. There IS another way. You don’t have to keep struggling.

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