Fit Woman with Hand WeightDo you already know how to live healthy, maybe you’re even a pro at it, but you still aren’t able to follow through for YOU?

Are you consumed with daily thoughts of “I should eat this, I shouldn’t eat that, what if I eat that, will I get fat, why can’t I lose weight, what’s wrong with me?!”

Do these thoughts impact your focus and productivity at work?

How would you feel if you were finally free of the constant obsession with food and your weight? If you could leave all of that endless, annoying struggle behind you, and get on with your life…while IN your ideal body!

Well if you’ve already read Laura’s weight loss success story then you know that she went from depression to struggle-free weight loss. (Yay Laura!!)

And you also know that she did not get these results “by magic”.

She got all of the good-feeling results in her mind, body, and her life (she even got a new job using my Inner Self Tools!) by taking consistent action with all of the steps of The Inner Self Diet™.

In fact, you’ll even hear her share in her audio testimonial that there’s “no way” she would have gotten to where she is today without my help. But why am I sharing this with you? Well, listen to what Laura has to say about it, so that it’s not coming from me, but from Her!

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How To Lose 10 Pounds Struggle-Free

Wouldn’t you love to lose at least 10 pounds just like Laura did? And do it without struggle and fighting with yourself?

Maybe you’re like Laura – she didn’t begin The Inner Self Diet™ grossly overweight, in fact she very very (very!) much into health and fitness! Actually, she’s a pro at it!

However, since everything comes down to MINDSET, you can be quite fit and healthy and have only an extra 10 pounds on your body and feel even more depressed about those 10 pounds than another who is carrying an extra 50 pounds. How can this be? Because it’s all about your MINDSET.

Let’s take a look at what Laura has to say about all of this. Following is a partial recap of what she shared in her audio feedback. And sure! It’s much better to just listen to her instead!

You can do that right now by clicking the Play button on the audio player. You’ll gain instant access to Laura’s personal feedback! []

Before The Inner Self Diet™

  • Laura had trouble getting up in the morning.
  • She could not get through the day without thinking about her body, food, what she was going to eat, what she “should” eat, etc. etc. 
  • It was hard for her to focus on her day-to-day life. 
  • Laura had trouble feeling comfortable with food.
  • She felt uncomfortable eating anything at all! 
  • Laura was depressed and was hardly able to get through the day.

Today, After The Inner Self Diet™

  • Laura clearly states that Today Is Wonderful!
  • Every day is so much better than it was before.
  • Laura notes that She Does make the effort to be in that place.
  • She makes the choice to be in that mindset.
  • She has The Tools, which give her the specific way to BE in that mindset.
  • The Inner Self Diet™ has taught her how to let go of the struggle.
  • She has learned how to be focused on being healthy and being healthy.
  • She accepts the fact that there are imperfections and she’s OK with that. It’s all a matter of how she deals with them.
  • She chooses how to deal with imperfections in life and still feel good.
  • Laura is at choice. She chooses to be happy and healthy, and she has The Inner Self Tools to accomplish this.

In the Past: Constant Research, Without Struggle-Free Results

  • In the past Laura spent countless hours researching diets, nutrition, exercise plans.
  • She would have spent all of her time researching if she could have.
  • She was constantly focused on what others were doing, how others were losing weight.
  • Laura felt obsessed with “trying to figure it out” but instead of getting results things continued to get worse.

“There are so many self-help things out there to help people but it all comes down to the mindset.

There’s just no way I could have gotten to where I am now without the (Inner Self Diet™) tools you have given me.” ~ Laura S.

What About You? 

So you’ve listened to Laura share directly with YOU that SHE is doing fantastic. She has released at least 10 pounds struggle-free, she went from depression to feeling great about life, she even got a new job using the same Inner Self Tools she gained from me!

But what about YOU? It’s nice to hear how well someone else is doing, isn’t it? And I expect that you feel very happy for Laura! However if you are still struggling with your weight and putting yourself through your own hell just like Laura used to do to herself, then what specifically are you doing to get out of that?

Or, are you doing what Laura did (what she told you on the audio not to do!) Are you researching and reading, getting my ezine emails, and telling yourself you can “do it on your own”?

You heard what Laura said about this….that during an entire year of following me things only got worse for her. All that time while she told herself that she didn’t need help and that she could “do it alone”, she continued to struggle.

Your Next Step:

To get the Results that Laura is living today, here’s your first step: Click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. This is for you if you are Serious about getting Results in your life, instead of just talking about it.

This is for you if you are an exceptional woman (or a cool man!) who is already successful in your business life, which shows that you are an action taker. But, even though this is the case for you, you’ve never been able to get yourself to take consistent action when it comes to living healthy and fit! Which makes you feel very frustrated (understandable!).

You know that you’ve got to do something different in order to break out of the struggle you are in and you also know that what you’ve been doing has not been working. If you’re serious about breaking out of that struggle then click here to apply now!

“It’s OK to accept help and it’s OK that you need help. I thought I didn’t need help and that I could do it all on my own. Things only got worse.

I also thought that I was never going to get out of that place.

If you resonate, you need to work with JoLynn.” ~ Laura S.