Funny Turkey CupcakesWhat if you no longer feared holiday weight gain? Especially if you didn’t need any willpower and you weren’t even feeling deprived?!

How would you feel if you were actually excited about losing weight during the holiday season?

What if you were enjoying this wonderful time of year without deprivation, enjoying your consistent workouts, and losing weight?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you could say right now that you have no need for a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, because you would already be Doing IT!!

She Has No Fear of Holiday Weight Gain (Yay!!)

Katie is one of my current permanent weight loss coaching clients and she already has all of the above (and more!). But she wasn’t always were she is now. In fact she used to be where you are today! Out of control with her eating and feeling the fear of holiday weight gain.

Which makes sense, since the majority of people gain at least 10 pounds each holiday season! But not Katie.

Let’s take a look at how Katie was feeling right before Thanksgiving when she shared on our coaching call and then we’ll look at how Katie’s Thanksgiving turned out!

Before Thanksgiving Katie shared that:

  • She was actually looking forward to Thanksgiving.
  • She felt excited about it (not the case in the past!).
  • She felt this because she had No Fear of holiday weight gain!
  • She was feeling a very high level of confidence, one of the main outcomes she wanted to get from my step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss (and we’re not even done yet!)
  • She was working out consistently with Kettle Bells. Not because anyone told her that that was “the thing to do” but because SHE likes it and it is giving her the results she wants in her body. The big transformation is where before working with me she could not workout consistently and without struggle. Now it’s struggle-free for her, she enjoys it, and she is consistent. Not a big deal!
  • She registered for a Turkey Day Run with her husband, something she would not normally do.

That was how Katie was feeling and what she was doing before Thanksgiving. Let’s now take a look at what Katie had to say on our coaching call after Thanksgiving. Did she really have as much fun as she was anticipating? Or did she end up overeating (like most do during the holidays!) and then feel bad about it?!

Let’s find out! After Thanksgiving here’s what Katie shared:

  • She had a fantastic Thanksgiving (Yay!!).
  • Her fruit dish was the most popular at the entire table (she chose to make that because it felt good to her!).
  • She had a great time at the Tureky Day Run with her husband (she hadn’t even been running for years but she wanted to do it, no force was needed!)
  • Her confidence level is through the roof!
  • Her son asked her if she had gotten taller (!!) because she is standing up straight, walking with a great feeling and feeling such high confidence (Yay!!)  (NOTE: There is also an energetic component to Katie’s transformation, which is true for all of my clients, so her Energy is coming across as “taller”)
  • She’s no longer making any excuses! (very big change for Katie, which is very exciting)
  • She’s feeling pure joy, happiness, and love. She simply feels great!

This is all very exciting. Katie was already anticipating a fantastic Thanksgiving, and she got it.

She was already feeling no fear of holiday weight gain, she still has no fear of weight gain, and we are still in the holiday season! Even more exciting that she feels excited about losing weight during this time of year! And even more exciting than that is that she is not needing to exert any force on herself, any willpower, or struggle with her eating or exercise.

How is it that Katie is getting all of these wonderful results in her life? Especially during this time of year?!

Katie is living the struggle-free results in her eating and exercise because she has gotten a weight loss mindset. Once you get a weight loss mindset you finally make weight loss easy for yourself!

How did she get a weight loss mindset? She’s done that in my step-by-step proven system, The Inner Self Diet™ which is the proven path to a weight loss mindset.

What would The Inner Self Diet™ give YOU? It would give you struggle-free results, just like Katie is getting! It would give you permanent results with your weight, which would mean no more forcing yourself to diet. No more New Year’s Resolutions (those never last anyway, do they). No more “looking for motivation”. No more yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and annual Holiday Weight Gain!

Wowza. How would it feel to be done with all of that?

How to Get  Results: Your First Step

It’s nice to read about Katie’s results and that she’s got no fear of holiday weight gain, isn’t it. But the truth is that since you’re not getting those results in your life, then you really don’t care about what others are doing, because you want to be free of your fears of holiday weight gain!

Here’s how you can do that: Take the first step towards a weight loss mindset by applying for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. Discover the gap between where you are now vs where you really want to be and imagine what it would be like if you no longer struggled with your weight. Once you have a weight loss mindset there is no more fear of holiday weight gain, nor would you have fear of gaining weight at any other time of year! Exciting!!

Photo Credit: Sugar Daze on flickr