LifeIsAJoyStruggleFreeIf you’re like my super smart clients, you already know how to lose weight. Heck, you’ve done it 5, 10, 20 or more times throughout your lifetime! Weight loss in and of itself is not your problem.

Your problem (one of them) is that you cannot maintain your weight once you lose it. There’s always that “something” that “happens” and you go right back to your compulsive overeating, emotional eating, stuffing, negative self-talk, and more (this list could go on forever, just put anything in the blank that you do that keeps you overweight).

What IS exciting about all of your never-ending struggles is that….they CAN End! Yes, just like Nancy, who struggled for 37 years of her life, you too can end ALL of your struggles. Once and for all.

No, you’ll never do it by forcing your outside to lose weight. You can only get this result by going from the inside out. My clients undergo a core transformation on the inside in The Inner Self Diet™ which results in easy healthy living on the outside. Then the fat comes off with ease and stays off. Without struggle, deprivation, or force.

Let’s take a look at what Nancy has to say about it after graduating The Inner Self Diet™!

She Released 37 YEARS of Struggle with Yo-Yo Dieting and Compulsive Overeating

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Here are some highlights of what Nancy shares in her special audio testimonial.

Before The Inner Self Diet™

  • Nancy struggled with body issues, weight, compulsive overeating and yo-yo dieting for 37 years
  • She could lose weight; she was very good at taking it off but it always came back on
  • She thought there must be an answer: not everyone was going up and down sizes in clothes
  • 4 years prior to The Inner Self Diet™ she’d lost 120 pounds. She knew how to take it off but then “something would happen” and she’d find herself overeating and binging again

This is a common phrase I hear on discovery sessions: “I lose weight but then “Something Happened” and I gained all of it back plus 10, 20 pounds extra! HELP!!”.

You can lose weight as many times as you force yourself to but you cannot maintain it when you are not a match on the inside FIRST to the ideal body you want on the outside. Therefore, it’s a waste of your time to diet and lose weight, when you don’t have the mindset required to maintain it.


  • Nancy used food as a drug (just like you likely do today)
  • She put a lot of effort into searching for weight loss information, nutrition information and how to get her ideal body
  • It was exhausting

After The Inner Self Diet™

On Nancy’s audio testimonial you’ll hear her share that,

  • I am reborn
  • I am an entirely different person
  • The old comfort foods have no pull for me now
  • I used to be able to eat a whole pizza, now pizza has no pull for me
  • The pull to all of the old comfort food is gone
  • The Magic that food used to have for me is GONE
  • There is no struggle to it (food, eating, or exercise)
  • If I do yoga or go for a walk it’s because I want to and I feel great
  • There’s no more binge eating, no pull towards the food, it doesn’t have the power anymore

Nancy has already released 8 pounds without any struggle or deprivation.

FACT: If you can release one pound of fat without any struggle, force, or deprivation, then you can release 100. When you no longer struggle with your mind, yourself, with food or your body, and it’s EASY for you to live healthy and fit, then there is nothing that can get in your way of living healthy and fit. It’s no big deal then!

Nancy also shares on her success audio testimonial, to anyone who doesn’t believe that they could have her Results, those who are thinking that they are somehow “different”, Nancy shares for you:

  • I used to be there, it was like being in a dark basement searching for an answer
  • In the past I had to be very strict with myself and very diminishing to make myself eat better and exercise
  • I’m so glad that I made the decision to join The Inner Self Diet™ and gave myself this gift
  • I could not have gotten these results of struggle-free weight loss on my own

Nancy shares that she’d tried every program in the past to lose weight. She’s very well read and has done extensive research on micro-nutrients, vegetables, etc. She’s someone who has put a lot of energy into learning how to live a healthy life.

Nancy shares, “It’s astounding it’s amazing, after 37 years of struggle, it feels magical to me. This (The Inner Self Diet) has totally transformed my perception of myself. It’s all struggle-free and I’m very happy.

8 Years of Therapy Did Not Produce the RESULTS Of The Inner Self Diet™

Nancy was in therapy for 8 years througout her 37 years of struggle with food and her weight. None of those 8 years of therapy gave her the Results she got from just 8 weeks of The Inner Self Diet™.

The Inner Self Diet™ transformed the perception of who she is and once that transformed, everything in her life transformed.

NOTE: If you are serious about achieving struggle-free permanent weight loss, you must experience a core, inner transformation, which goes far beyond a little “eat this, don’t eat that” food diet. Those little food diets are only 10% of the solution to get the body of your dreams. 90% of the solution is within your Inner Self. Your mindset.

She still has weight to release but it’s all struggle-free and she’s very happy. She’s not waiting to live her life until she gets to her goal weight either. She’s OK now.

News Flash: The human body releases excess fat over time. You will never release 20 pounds of Fat in 20 days (you can lose water weight, bone, and muscle but not fat, unless you are 500 pounds overweight to begin with). The Inner Self Diet™ works very quickly to give you the weight loss mindset you MUST have in order for weight loss to be very easy and struggle-free.

The core, solid, weight loss mindset must precede the physical fat loss.

Nancy also shares that,

  • I feel great and it’s not that old Marine Drill Sargeant approach. I’m just moving more, yoga, walking, struggle-free.
  • In the past I was in an abusive pattern, if the scale said something I didn’t like then my whole week was ruined
  • I dropped 8 pounds in The Inner Self Diet™ without even thinking about it

Additionally, Nancy shared,

  • In the past I knew that wherever I was looking for these answers I might get temporary success but I wasn’t holding onto it, and why not? What was this whole cycle I was living in for years? I think that that’s what needs to be looked at and resolved. 
  • If you don’t do that then you’re going to go look for another diet pill or book that another doctor is putting out (and the cycle will continue…)
  • **The Inner Self Diet has been magical**
  • What you have put together JoLynn truly is brilliant and it has worked and I am struggle-free.

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1791-Yo-Yo-BandaloreOr, if you’d rather keep reading, there here is more of what Nancy shares on her audio success testimonial:

“Throughout The Inner Self Diet I wasn’t even focused on the weight and I’ve lost 8 pounds without even getting on the scale. The old way I drove myself nuts; it wouldn’t be a good day or a good week if I didn’t meet a goal. It was such an abusive pattern I did to myself.

I would binge eat in private – never in front of others.

Today the Magic is gone from the food. I’m a whole different ME. A Much better ME. After just 8 weeks my life is a whole different world.

It’s interesting to see how the people in my life react. Everything is just more positive. It’s like everyone got the text message I sent, (but I didn’t send!) and the whole world began responding to me differently.”

What Nancy Says to YOU Personally!

What Nancy says to YOU. The YOU who is struggling, back and forth with your weight, losing some and gaining more, binge eating in private, forcing yourself with militant roughness to “shape up” and lose weight. YOU who feels so frustrated and fed up with the struggle. Here’s what she shares on her audio success call:

“I’ve been stuck in life so I can understand but when you’re stuck you gotta move, you gotta do something, in my experience when you’re stuck you just sink down lower. You gotta find something different, give yourself this gift. JoLynn’s is brilliant. It works and I am struggle-free.”

Your First Step Towards FREEDOM From YOUR Struggles With Food and Your Weight

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Listen to Nancy talk about her past struggles and her current FREEDOM from all of that heaviness and out of control eating.


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Click Here to read what other Graduates of The Inner Self Diet have to say!


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She Released 37 Years of Struggle with Yo-Yo Dieting and Compulsive Overeating