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He Lost 90 Pounds Struggle-Free in 2010 and Kept It Off
No More Yo-Yo Dieting for Dave!

Over Five Years Ago (as of the date on this post, October 2015) I coached one of my awesome clients through my proven steps in The Inner Self Diet. That client was Dave from Indianapolis. In fact, if we get technical with the number of months, it’s closer to six years since Dave graduated The Inner Self Diet.

Today I have something extremely exciting and inspiring to share with you, over 5 years later. I interviewed Dave on the phone on September 01, 2015  to find out what has happened since I coached him through the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet back in 2010. I have Dave’s interview to share with you now!

Back then, Dave was struggling with an extra 90 pounds and a history of yo-yo dieting. It was a major struggle for him just live a healthy lifestyle, which by the way, is the only solution for permanent weight loss: a healthy lifestyle.

Yes! It’s true! There is NO fast fat loss diet, no special trick, no celebrity diet or magical exercise program that will give you permanent weight loss. Only an ongoing, day after day, consistent year-round healthy lifestyle will work. BUT, here’s the catch: that healthy lifestyle is only 10% of the solution. Ninety percent of the solution is a weight loss mindset. That’s right! Without a weight loss mindset it doesn’t matter how much healthy living information you collect. Because if you don’t DO it, what kind of Results do you get?

If It’s Too Hard for You to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Every Day (Like Dave Does) then What Results Do You Get with Your Weight?

You’re right: Weight Loss RESULTS do not come from collecting information, nor do these results come from spending years trying to “figure it out” or by trying to find out WHY you can’t stop eating. What’s exciting is that when you get the professional coaching you need to solve your emotional eating once and for all, the right coaching isn’t even about figuring out exactly how all of your food and weight problems started. The right coaching is about Results: What are the Results you are living right now with food and your weight? Do you live struggle-free in your ideal body? Is it easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle? If it’s not and if you’re not getting the results that Dave has been living since 2010, then what exactly is stopping you from getting the professional coaching you need to solve this problem once and for all?

HINT: How do you know you need professional coaching to achieve struggle-free weight loss? Just look at your Results you’re living now and have been living consistently! The quickest and easiest way OUT of the struggle you’re in is found in the right pro coach who has the track record and the proven solution that works.

He Lost 90 pounds in 2010 and Kept It Off Struggle-Free!

Hear Dave tell you all about his struggle-free weight loss success! Click the Player Button Below to listen in now:


If you’ve listened in on the audio interview above then you know that my coaching client Dave lost 90 pounds in 2010 struggle-free, without deprivation, without dieting, and without giving up his pretzels! Here’s what Dave sent me in his updates since 2010 to tell me his struggle-free weight loss progress after doing The Inner Self Diet:

2010: “No one would know that I’m dieting, because I’m not.”

2011: “I’m down 90 pounds from the 210 I started at back in 2010 when you coached me. I’m jogging up to 5 days a week. Keep changing lives JoLynn!”

2015: “I’ve kept the 90 pounds off and I’m weighing in at the same weight I was when I got married as a young man.

If this doesn’t inspire you and help you believe that you really CAN end your yo-yo dieting, that you really CAN lose weight and keep it off, then what would? If you find yourself saying “That’s nice for Dave but it won’t work for me” then that’s a symptom of a fat mindset, which always matches a fat body (the inner and the outer always match – this is Universal Law).

Dave did The Inner Self Diet back in 2010, that’s almost six years ago now. Dave is a fantastic example of permanent weight loss which results from healing the root of whatever it is that is driving your overeating and yo-yo dieting.

What About YOU?

What if you were living free of the struggle right now?

What if you could simply live a healthy lifestyle, drop the fat, and keep it off? Just like Dave has done?

What if you could release your food addictions, binge eating, late-night stuffing and self-sabotage? If you could learn how to heal the root of your overweight behaviors so that you’d no longer do them, then what would stop you from losing 90 pounds? Or less? (of course it all depends on how many pounds overweight you are now).

If you’d love to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful BUT I can’t lose weight, stop overeating, and achieve permanent weight loss?” then click here to apply now for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. This is for you if you are serious about putting an end to your yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and any other unhealthy behaviors once and for all.