Woman with arms stretched overhead | FearlessFatLoss.comIf you could lose 2 sizes the easy way then how would you feel?

If you could have fun along the way and not worry at all while dropping those two sizes in your clothes then how different would that be from all of the times you’ve white-knuckled it and forced yourself to lose weight?

What is the easy way to lose 2 sizes in your clothes? The easy way is the struggle-free way.

Struggle-free means that you would not be fighting yourself! It’s easy to lose two sizes when you’re not fighting self-sabotage, fighting food obsessions or fighting with that part of you that just doesn’t want to do what you already know how to do.

How exciting would THAT be?! To actually break free of that struggle and make it easy for yourself to lose two sizes? Does it make sense that once you’d do that that if you’re more overweight than you want to be that you could then drop another two sizes easily and struggle-free?

How to Lose 2 Sizes the Easy Way (She Did It So Can YOU!)

One of my coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet recently dropped two sizes in her clothing and she did it completely struggle-free. If you’d like to skip the rest of this article and just listen to Kelli tell you all about her struggle-free weight loss success in her own words now then simply click the Play Button now!

Kelli is another inspiring Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™ and she deserves a big round of applause for taking action for herself to completely transform her mindset. Kelli did the steps of The Inner Self Diet™ and got a weight loss mindset which has allowed her to drop the fat and drop the struggle.

Not only is it easy for her to eat healthy and exercise today but also the way she looks at everything else in her life has transformed! That’s what happens when you experience such a core inner shift. It’s very exciting!

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Below is a synopsis of what Kelli shared on her audio testimonial. She shared how she used to feel when she was struggling with food and her weight like you are today and she also shared how easy it is for her today!

Kelli said that before getting a weight loss mindset in The Inner Self Diet™ she:

  • After a lifetime of issues with feeling out of control with her weight and out of control with her eating she felt hopeless.
  • She didn’t know if she had the energy to try again and even gave up for about a year or so.
  • For 27 years she did everything she could think of (diets and exercise) and nothing worked (nothing lasted).
  • She can’t even say how many times she’s lost 20 pounds. She lost 100 pounds once, and 50 pounds a couple of times, but each time, always regained the weight (in the past, before we met and I coached her to a weight loss mindset!).
  • She was struggling with her weight and her eating for 40 years. She did her first diet in fifth grade.
  • She used to white knuckle it through the fast fat loss diets and she felt like she was always holding her breath just to get through it. When it was over that’s what she’d take a deep breath and then all of the weight would come back on.
  • Fast fat loss diets were counter productive and hard.
  • She didn’t feel like there was any point in trying anything again and she was in a very low place for a very long time.
  • Kelli felt powerless and depressed about her weight.


Kelli shared about her transformation and experiences in The Inner Self Diet™ and said:

  • What really brought it home for her that a mainstream food diet would never be enough was the fact that forcing the behavior on the outside was not enough to make the change. Instead when you make the change on the inside in your mindset then the healthy behaviors follow.
  • That was the paradigm shift for her. That was so meaningful.
  • Today how Kelli eats and exercises is not a big deal. It’s not a struggle.
  • It’s become part of her normal everyday.
  • The choices Kelli makes for how she eats and exercises are choices she make because they feel good to her!
  • It’s not like she’s struggling against the old kind of resentment or forcing herself to do something that someone else wants her to do. 
  • She’s doing it (living healthy) because she wants to! (That’s what a weight loss mindset will do for you!)
  • Kelli is exercising more and eating more healthy and her outside it coming around to match her inside.
Kelli also said that,
The most important thing is that I’m not worried about it. I know it’s happening where before I spent most of my life being worried and afraid and afraid and worried both at the same time. That is such a big gift to have that diminished.

That’s the best part: The Not A Big Deal.”

It’s simply not any big deal for Kelli to live healthy and fit today. This is because she now has a weight loss mindset – a result of The Inner Self Diet™.

Kelli shared even more on the audio. Listen now to hear for yourself!


She bought healthy foods at the grocery store without any struggle just because she wanted to do it.

Kelli found that The Inner Self Tools are even more useful during stressful times, such as during the holiday season! She used to seek solace in food during the holiday season and this year with the Inner Self Tools she was able to step back and make decisions for herself without using food for comfort.

She felt very empowered making decisions for herself without worry about what others would think.

What Kelli said she would say to YOU who is struggling in that place of hopelessness where she used to be:
You have to be willing to do the steps and do what JoLynn gives you to do.

You must be willing to suspend your resistance, take a leap of faith. and do what JoLynn says even if it doesn’t make sense.

All of the other things that haven’t worked doing another thing that’s like that probably isn’t going to work either. (Kelly sold a whole bookshelf full of diet books at her garage sale and most of them were unread.) But if you do something that is completely different (that is proven to work!) then that makes a lot of sense.

Changing your mindset is a very powerful thing and it makes a world of difference. Keeping commitments to myself for a long time has been a missing piece. 

I’m so glad I did it now and I wish I would have done it years ago. “It’s Definitely an experience worth having. You learn this through experience (in The Inner Self Diet).

In other words, it’s not just a lot of theory. Instead you take action with real-world steps that work!

How to Get Results like Kelli Did so that YOU can lose 2 sizes the easy way:

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