Make Weight Loss Easy - The Easiest Weight Loss There Is!

Would you love to make weight loss easy for yourself? Here’s some exciting news: You truly can!

How do I know? Because others are doing it Right Now. What does that have to do with YOU though? There’s a truth in this Universe that applies to everyone and that includes YOU! Here it is:

If there is just one person who has accomplished what you desire to do then YOU can do it too. All you need to do is do the same steps they did.

Yes, it’s that simple. If just one person has succeeded at permanent weight loss without struggle or self-sabotage then that means YOU can do it too. And here’s the biggest key to making weight loss easy: It’s Your MIND. Your Mindset is the key!

Get a Weight Loss Mindset and then you’ll be making weight loss super easy for yourself. How can that be? Here’s why:

Mindset is 90% of Success. Method (conventional diet and exercise) is ONLY 10%.

Yes! You read that right! This mean that those diets and exercise programs you’ve been chasing and collecting your entire lifetime are only 10% of the puzzle! Your MINDSET is what must shift if you truly desire to make weight loss easy for yourself.

Make Weight Loss Easy for Yourself – Weight Loss Success Story!

Here’s a very exciting update that just came in from one of my permanent weight loss coaching clients, M.G. She has already completed all of the steps I coached and mentored her through in The Inner Self Diet™ which is the step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss that I founded.

Let’s see what M.G. has to say!


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that things are going well. I am doing my action steps only as needed and I find that I don’t need them very often because I am able to stay in a good place almost all of the time.

I continue to exercise without struggle and am feeling great about my self! I have released a total of 15lbs so far…all without struggle and self-sabotage. It has been the easiest that it has ever been for me.

Yay ME!!!

Thank you!


#1 – Give M.G. a Big Round of Applause!! She deserves it because all throughout the time that we worked together while I coached her through several processes in The Inner Self Diet™ she stayed open and mindful throughout the entire journey. Which means she was willing to be coached!

Believe it or not, this is a fundamental key to permanent weight loss success. If you hire a stellar coach to help you bust through all of those internal blocks that have been stopping you from dropping the fat and keeping it off but you don’t allow your coach to coach you, then how could you succeed? You must be serious about your success and be willing to get a weight loss mindset before you can ever get permanent weight loss for yourself.

M.G. allowed me to coach her and she wanted my direct and intuitive coaching. She stepped up to the plate and she also took action with all of the weight loss mindset tools I gave her to work with. And today this is why she is where she is – she is still using those tools however as she stated in her update, she’s not using them as often because she is able to stay in a good place almost all of the time.

When you have a weight loss mindset already in place then it IS much easier to stay in that good place, which is where you must be to allow the fat to drop off and stay off. I’ll say it again – it’s your MIND that leads your body. So if you have an F.A.T. Mindset it’s very easy to add physical fat to your body! Because your body will easily follow with behaviors to support the F.A.T. in your mind.

Get a weight loss mindset like M.G. did through my coaching and mentoring and then weight loss will be easy for you. A snap! Just imagine…how would YOU feel if you were M.G. right now?

To get the full effect, here’s her full testimonial that M.G. wrote right after completing The Inner Self Diet™ (you might remember this if you have already read all of the inspiring permanent weight loss feedback shared here)

“It Feels like Magic …”

“Back before I worked with JoLynn in her step-by-step proven System to permanent weight loss (The Inner Self Diet™) I didn’t even realize I was in such an ongoing cycle of feeling bad. I was very critical and unkind to myself which made me feel bad, which caused me to comfort myself with food, for which I then criticized myself some more! It was a never ending battle with myself (I battled for 30 years with my weight!)

Today it feels like magic, although I did the steps to get here! I now realize that I can choose to be kind to myself and that when I am nice to myself I feel better and am therefore able to make better choices for myself and my body. All without struggle.

This feels wonderful! I feel like Dorthy in Wizard of Oz who just realized that she always had the power to get what she wanted but she didn’t know it!

Now I love to exercise! I don’t see exercise as something that I have to do but as something that I get to do for myself. I actually crave more and more exercise. I started with 2 one hour tennis lessons and now spend at least six hours a week on the court. Additionally, I have just started Reformer Pilates and have rediscovered bike riding with my family.

My clothes definitely fit better. I have dropped about 6 lbs. so far and I feel my body becoming more firm, and my cardio endurance has greatly improved.

My overall biggest transformation from this process is realizing that I have the power to define my own destiny! I have the power to do this all without struggle. And I get to do this all without struggle AND ENJOY the process.

I have also been amazed that this “new” attitude has spilled over into all aspects of my life and I am just in a much happier place overall.

If there is one thing that I would share with someone who is battling right now like I used to that is that this is not yet another (mainstream) DIET plan; this process addresses the thought process that is keeping you from getting fit and lean once and for all.”

~ M.G., San Antonio, Texas – Spiritual, Smart and Successful mother, wife, and Deliberate Manifestor of her own destiny!

Wow, she said it right there! “This process addresses the thought process that is keeping you from getting fit and lean once and for all.” THIS is how you make weight loss easy for yourself. You get a weight loss Mindset and then the 10% (conventional diet and exercise) is a snap.

It all flows smoothly, without struggle, without self-sabotage, without willpower, once you have a weight loss mindset.

Did you notice that in M.G. is now down a total of 15 pounds without struggle? In her testimonial at that time she was down 6 pounds – she’s really doing fantastic, without deprivation, willpower, or struggle.

Your Next Step to Make Weight Loss Easy For Yourself!

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The quickest and easiest way to get a weight loss mindset (which is how to make weight loss easy!) is to do exactly what M.G. did – follow the same proven steps in the proven System to permanent weight loss, The Inner Self Diet™ and you’ll fast track yourself to a weight loss mindset.

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