Lisa Lost 50 Pounds Without Struggle after Doing The Inner Self Diet™ with permanent weight loss coach JoLynn BraleyDo you have 50 pounds of fat to lose? What if you could lose 50 pounds without struggle or self-sabotage? Wow, how would THAT feel?! Imagine it now.

Maybe you have even less than 50 pounds of fat to release but it feels like 100 because you’ve been struggling for so long.

I understand! Struggling with “only” 20 pounds for 10, 20, 30 years could feel just as bad (sometimes worse!) than being more than 100 pounds overweight. Because it’s so frustrating for you and the struggle has lasted soooo long.

Here’s an exciting fact for you: It doesn’t have to be a struggle to lose 50 pounds of fat, lose 90 pounds of fat, or to lose 15 pounds of fat. No matter what the number is, once you work with a permanent weight loss coach who has a proven, step-by-step System to heal the Root of your lifelong struggles then there will be nothing else left to struggle against!

Another fact for you: ALL of your struggle lives within YOU. They are all within your Inner Self, in your mindset. Once you have a weight loss mindset you make weight loss super easy for yourself!

How To Release 50 lbs of Fat Without Struggle or Self-Sabotage (Lisa Did It, So Can YOU!)

Here’s another inspiring success story from one of my wonderful coaching clients, Lisa from Key West.

Lisa sent me an update back in May to let me know that…well let’s read exactly what she wrote!

“To update you on where I am at – I’ve released close to 50lbs of fat since last year! Without struggle.

Thank you so much for making an impact on my life!”

~ Lisa M.

Wow! How exciting! Give Lisa a huge round of applause because She Deserves It!!

Why? Because she valued herself enough to Step Up and get the coaching and mentoring (including the necessary, specific Inner Self Tools) to turn her life (and her body) around. And now she’s living the struggle-free results of releasing “close to 50 lbs of fat” from her body! Without Any Struggle (yeah Lisa!!).

And, that was back in May! Four months ago. So you know that since she’s got no struggle at all living healthy and fit (because she did the Inner work in my step-by-step proven System, The Inner Self Diet™) that she’s already reached the 50 pound mark.

There’s no reason not to when you have no struggle treating yourself with respect, love, health, and kindness!

How She Did It (YOU Can, too!)

So what is the Key to Lisa’s success of losing 50 pounds of fat without struggle? She did the Inner Self work to get a weight loss MINDSET.

Yes, it’s true! MINDSET is 90% of permanent weight loss success.

Method (how you eat and exercise) is ONLY 10% (10% – that’s miniscule!)

While the 10% IS important, you cannot DO the 10% consistently unless you already have the 90% in place. You MUST have a weight loss mindset if you ever wish to lose 50 pounds without any struggle or self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is the result of your struggles that live in your Inner Self. All of your ongoing, lifelong struggles with food and your weight.

And Lisa, just like YOU, is a very smart, accomplished woman in her work life, but until she did the Inner Self work to get a weight loss mindset she was not able to follow through for herself in the one area of her life that (for most people!) gave her the biggest challenge – food and her weight.

But that was way back then before her and I met, and this is NOW. She is an awesome lady who is rockin’ Her Life while IN her ideal body, enjoying every step of the journey along the way.

How would YOU feel if you could transform in such a big bold way and lose 50 pounds like Lisa did? So that YOU could easily release the fat and allow it to stay off? Because you would have a weight loss mindset, without struggle or self-sabotage.

What would that be like for YOU?

Your Next Step

If YOU are Serious about losing 50 pounds without struggle or self-sabotage (or whatever your ideal weight loss is) then Click Here to take the first step in applying for a Weight Loss Discovery Session.

This is Only for those who are Serious about core transformation to get a weight loss mindset, so if you enjoy to “talk talk talk” about how frustrating it is to struggle but you’re not willing to do anything different to change it then unfortunately a complimentary Discovery Session would be EXTREMELY Dangerous to all of your excuses for failure.

Click Here to read (and listen to audio!) permanent weight loss testimonials and success stories from other graduates of The Inner Self Diet JoLynn has mentored!

Lisa’s full feedback after completing The Inner Self Diet™  (Yeah Lisa!!)


“This journey has simply been amazing. I confronted real fears and concerns. You helped me see through fog of fear to the other side where I don’t have to be scared to feel good about myself, about what I eat and most importantly about being my ideal weight.

I feel, for the first time in my life that I am capable of achieving this goal that has eluded me all my life. I feel GREAT! ACCOMPLISHED! and INSPIRED! with all the actions I have taken to date to help me achieve feeling good about myself and the process I am in, to lose weight with inspired action and feeling positive and loving about myself and my abilities. Thank you JoLynn!!”

~ Lisa M. from Key West, FL.

P.S. And, as a side bonus of this process, I’ve actually saved more while taking this course and even took a plunge and invested in stocks for the first time in my life!


“To update you on where I am at – I’ve released close to 50lbs of fat since last year! Without struggle.

Thank you so much for making an impact on my life!”

~ Lisa M.