Fit Belly | FearlessFatLoss.comWhat if you could have easy weight loss AND improve your sex life?

Does it make sense to you that when you don’t feel good in your body that this impacts your sex life, which is an important part of a fantastic marriage?

On the flip side can you imagine how much better ALL areas of your life would be if you could transform in such a massive way that you would feel fantastic in your own skin? That you would feel unstoppable, wonderful, and So Very Good about YOU.

How could this be? How in the world could weight loss improve your sex life, improve your business life, improve all of your relationships (friends, children, spouse, co-workers, clients, neighbors, pets, etc.!), and improve every single area of your life?

How this can be is only when you take the lasting route to permanent weight loss, which means you must get a full and complete Weight Loss MINDSET.

Easy Weight Loss AND An Improved Sex Life

Once you get that Mindset, that mindset goes with you into every area of your life. Not only does it make weight loss easy for you, but a core and complete weight loss mindset transforms all areas of your life – your business life, your finances, your sex life, your relationships, your fitness, and even your spiritual life. No area of your life goes untouched by your mindset, which means that when you have an F.A.T. mindset (Fear Attracting Thoughts = fat on the body!) then that mindset infiltrates every area of your life.

Low self-confidence, worry, stress, negativity flows into all areas of your life. The exciting thing is that once your inner world, your Inner Self is transformed, then that highly confident, secure, positive feel-good YOU goes with you into all areas of your life.

It’s your Mind that leads your body. It’s your mind that makes weight loss so hard, or makes it super duper easy.

When you get a complete, core, weight loss mindset, not only do you get easy weight loss that lasts, but you also get the results of my permanent weight loss coaching clients who feel:

  • Unstoppable
  • Fantastic
  • Full of Self-love
  • High self-worth
  • Soaring self-confidence
  • Feeling Good in their own skin
  • Freedom from their past weight loss struggles

This is a very short list of emotional results the inspiring folks I mentor through The Inner Self Diet™ end up feeling. Let’s hear what Kathy says!

More Success From Another Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™

Kathy is a recent Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™. She’s going to share with you where she used to be (she understands where you’re at today!) and where she is now. She’s experienced a profound transformation, not only with her weight loss, but also a profound transformation in her marriage.

This is very common for my permanent weight loss coaching clients, since the fact is that when you transform on the inside, everything on the outside transforms.

Click Play to Listen In and Hear Kathy tell you all about it, in her own words.

This is a profound and extensive interview with Kathy. You can hear it all for yourself on the audio. What follows below are some highlights. You could skip the highlights and just listen in for yourself! (The last paragraph on this page gives you the first step towards all of these fantastic results Kathy is living today!)

Before The Inner Self Diet

In Kathy’s audio interview, you’ll hear Kathy share that in the past she hated her body, her life, and overall was unhappy with all of it! She binged on food, just didn’t like her life, and felt like she was stuck in the “mirey muck”.

Note that she shares that it’s hard for her to remember this today! This is key because it’s very common for my clients to say this. Why? Because they have had such a core transformation and have come so far from where they used to be, it’s just not where they are anymore!

This is not the case when you try to force yourself to change on the surface with “positive thinking”. Only core transformation takes you to such a level that it’s hard for you to remember what it was like to be so unhappy in your body and your life.

Today After The Inner Self Diet

You’ll hear Kathy share that today it feels like a miracle to be where she is now: Living with struggle-free weight loss, excited to get out there and exercise, just having a wonderful time in her life!

It feels like a miracle because she had struggled for so long (38 years) and she was always sabotaging herself in the past.

Kathy even doubted that she could have the results of my other clients she read and listened to!

Kathy’s biggest doubt she had about The Inner Self Diet™, which is a common doubt: “This will work for everybody else but me!”

What Kathy says today: “It’s been proved wrong”

Kathy decided that she was worth it and she expected to succeed. And she has! She suspended her doubts, took a leap of faith, and she did the steps of The Inner Self Diet™ and now she’s released all of her struggles with her eating and her weight.

What Happens when you allow your doubts and Fears to win:

You lose because you stay stuck in the fear and doubt. You continue to do the same things you’ve always done, which keep giving you the same results!

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Her 38-Year Old Problem Gone – It Was a Major Part of Her Weight Struggles

You’re going to hear Kathy share her profound experience with a past experience when she was 15 years old which she now sees was where all of her weight struggles began. This is an experience that Kathy was remembering daily for all of those years, and one of the reasons she overate.

I helped Kathy shift 38 years of daily remembrance of that past experience in just a couple of minutes. In her words, “It’s Major, It’s Life Changing”. Where before, she was recalling every day, the memory of abuse when she was a teen, today that is gone after the release process I did with her.

These are the kinds of things that put that Weight on you today. Things that you are beating yourself up about, and then eating over to attempt to bury!

This does not mean that everyone who is struggling with their weight were abused physically in the past, and it doesn’t really matter WHY you are beating yourself up today and using food to do so. What matters is that you are able to move beyond whatever is stopping you from releasing your past and whatever is stopping you from losing weight with ease and keeping it off.

However yes, it is Very Common for Women Who Have Been Abused or Taken Advantage of Physically/Sexually to Use Food to try to feel better and then end up struggling endlessly with their weight.

From a Lump of Coal to a Diamond

In Kathy’s moving audio interview Kathy shares how she used to feel like a lump of coal, lumpy in her body, in her life, and today she feels like a diamond, and things just keep getting better and better!

It may even be unbelievable for you to listen to how much Kathy has transformed, going from a place of hating herself to a place of genuinely liking and loving herself, and the truth is that words do not teach. Only experience teaches.

If you were to have the experience of tranformation in The Inner Self Diet™ to release whatever it is that has been stopping YOU from achieving permanent success with your weight, then you would understand what Kathy is experiencing when she shares how wonderful she feels about herself today, and just how easy weight loss is for her now.

It’s a Done Deal

Kathy no longer worries or stresses about her weight. She says it’s a Done Deal. She’s doing what she needs to do to release the excess fat, it’s coming off, but in the past she spent at least 75% of her time and energy each day obsessing and worrying about her weight.

Wow, that right there is a huge weight off of Kathy’s shoulders!

Haven’t Listened Yet? Click Play to Listen In Now!

Kathy’s Marriage Is Transformed

There is so much covered in this outstanding audio interview with Kathy. She also shares what her biggest surprise transformation has been from doing the steps of The Inner Self Diet™. You’ll hear her say that her marriage has transformed and that she now understands why her husband loves her!

Oh, and she also shares that the sex is amazing!

Is this shocking, to hear such an amazing result when this is supposed to be about permanent weight loss? Well, here are some simple questions for you to help you break this down: 1) Are you a human? 2) Do you want to have a fantastic life?

3) If you are married, isn’t your sex life an integral part of having a fantastic marriage? And then we’re back to the very simple question…4) Are you a human?

Ok, I’m breaking this down very simply for you just because… hey! Life is supposed to be good for you! Life is supposed to be abundant for you, in all ways. Why would your marriage be exempt from your wonderful life?

How difficult is it to have a fantastic relationship with your spouse when you feel so bad about your body? Doesn’t it make sense that when you hate yourself like Kathy used to, that it’s really really hard to have the kind of wonderful marriage/sex life that you’d love to have?

So…once you get a weight loss mindset, YES, everything shifts. You cannot leave any part of your life out of the positive shifts. And why would you want to?

FACT: The reasons you are overweight are LIFE issues. It’s those unresolved root issues that have never been healed which produce the symptoms you see of your overeating and overweight.

To Get The Results Kathy Is Living

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All areas of your life must transform (for the better!) because in order to get permanent weight loss, you need a core, inner shift. Apply for the call with me now and if your application qualifies you’ll receive an email to help you get scheduled for a time slot asap.


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Photo Credit: Daniela Vladimirova